Support the Build Back Better Act: Write a Letter

Please write Senator Casey and your representative by October 8 and forward  the letter to Phyllis Blumberg. She will submit them all together. The exact provisions of the Build Back Better Act, which is the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill have not yet been finalized. Most likely the total amount of this bill will need to be reduced to pass. We need to let our Federal officials know that the cuts should not come from climate actions. In your letters urge Senator Casey and your representative that the following to be included in the bill:

● If cuts to the total amount are needed to pass, the cuts should not come from climate actions. We must address the climate crisis now and through big actions. Smaller actions will not be enough.

● Eliminate all tax credits, loopholes, and incentives to the fossil fuel industry. Tax breaks are propping up fossil fuels that are the major cause of climate disruption. Urge to stand firm on repealing tax breaks for fossil fuels now. Subsidies indirectly support fossil fuel industry political giving and lobbying that corrupts our political system and gives fossil fuel interests undue influence over policy.
Click here for more information on this issue.

● Tell them to support the big investments in the budget reconciliation bill that will tackle climate change, create good paying jobs in clean energy,  reduce costs for families, and build a more equitable clean energy economy by supporting:
1) Clean energy tax credits for clean electricity, vehicles, new technology and manufacturing;
2) Clean energy investments through incentives for clean energy including the Clean Electricity Payment Program and the Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator also called the National Climate Bank;
3) Make polluters pay and end fossil fuel subsidies to oil and gas companies;
4) Invest in disadvantaged community investments;
5) Investment in the conservation and stewardship of forests and farms.  

Thank you for your important efforts now as we try to pass these essential bills.