Support the Build Back Better Act: Make a Call

Calls to your representative are needed now as compromise is necessary. We do not want the climate actions to be reduced to the point where they will not be effective. You can call repeatedly, especially if your representative has not stated his/her support for the Build Back Better Act. You can call and leave a message any time.

Click here to find your phone number for your member of Congress.

You can use the following script or personalize it:
“Hello, my name is _________, and I live in [town/city, zip code]. I’m thrilled to see the Build Back Better Act cares for our climate and our neighbors by investing in truly clean electricity, clean water, and environmental justice.
Can I count on Rep. ________ to make sure this important legislation passes at the same time as the bipartisan infrastructure bill and includes the essential climate measures? Our climate and our communities can’t afford to see these important environmental provisions left behind. America critically needs both the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the  Build Back Better Act. Thank you.”

Some background on these two bills:
● The bipartisan infrastructure bill has a few positive climate provisions, like funds for abandoned mine lands and public transit, but the vast majority of the funds are for things like roads and bridges. It’s not a climate bill. This bill has passed the Senate, but not the House;
● The Build Back Better Act, which is the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill that only has Democratic support. This is where almost all of our climate and environmental justice priorities are held. It has yet to pass either chamber. The Senate is a big challenge as every Democratic Senator needs to support it and we are not there yet.

We’re worried that moderate Democrats, who are most excited about the bipartisan bill, may not be willing to continue negotiations on the Build Back Better Act. Ultimately, we want to see both signed into law!