Visionary Awards

Since 2011, the PA IPL Board has selected an awardee and presented a Visionary Award at the annual meeting following each annual conference.

Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light Visionary Award

This award is presented annually to a Pennsylvania visionary who has engaged in significant actions “to tend and sustain” the earth and all its creatures. The recipient of this award has called us all to be more mindful of the moral and ethical consequences of our actions, helping to protect the natural environment from the threat of climate change and preserve it for generations to come.

Awardees are listed below, and each is linked to the one-page citation, read and presented at the conference, detailing the reason for the honor.
2011 Franklin Kury, Esq
2012 Donald A. Brown
2013 the United Church of Christ and the Unitarian Universalist Association
2014 Andrew Rudin
2015 Rabbi Arthur Waskow
2016 Dr. Nancy Tuana
2017 Senator Robert Casey
2018 Dr. Patricia DeMarco
2020 The Clatterbuck Family