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Double by donating with a three-year pledge:

Donations that are part of a multi-year pledge give us financial stability for planning. A generous individual donor (who wishes to remain anonymous) has pledged $10,000 in 2020 to match the first 12 months paid towards any 3-year donation pledges. As of September 2020, nearly 1/2 of this pledge is unmet potential! Help us meet it! Reach out, and we will gather details like how you wish to pay, how much you would like to donate, how often you would like to make payments, so we can get your donation started, and matched!


Particular thanks to our tremendous
Stories from the Road matching group for creating a matching pool met during the summer Stories from the Road campaign.

Carolyn Hatley, in memory of Elwood Hatley
The Jaenicke Family — Ted, Alison, Maggie, and Eli
Nathan Martin, in honor of Barb Ballenger
The Ballengers, in honor of the staff of PA IPL: Alison Cornish, Cricket Hunter, Stacey Mainardi, Rebecca Rivera Watson, and Amani Reid
The Environmental Justice Committee of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church
Anonymous, a donor who wishes to remain unnamed.

Additional gratitude to our High Gear direct donors who donated $500 or more in this campaign!

Exact Solar
Sheila Weinberg