WEBINAR: Faith to Ford campaign — making a clean cars dealership visit

Central PA team of faith leaders welcomed for conversation with State College Ford owner John Morris.

Nationally, Interfaith Power & Light, United Methodist Women, and United Church of Christ have been putting pressure on the Ford Motor Company to stand by the Clean Car Standards that they initially supported and to cease their advocacy for a weakened standard or “additional flexibility.”

The groups already delivered an enormous scroll of faith-leader signatures to Ford headquarters.  Now we are engaging in conversation with Ford dealerships, letting them know that people in their communities —people of faith in particular—want cleaner cars and are concerned about their company’s efforts to undermine the Clean Car Standards, and asking them to communicate this e to Headquarters as well.

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PA IPL has already conducted one of these faith leader conversations with a local Ford dealership, and we’d like to celebrate more… and eventually celebrate together with the dealers as Ford hears, recognizes, and responds positively to these requests.

This campaign started in fall 2018 with  testimony at the federal hearings (in 3 cities) about whether or not we should roll back the clean-cars tailpipe and fleet standards that the auto industry helped create, and that then had public hearings, which resulted in their adoption. Standards such as these are responsible for the improved mileage and reduced pollution of cars over the last decades.  The campaign has continued with outreach to Ford particularly, because Ford (like each of the American carmakers) supported the standards when they were adopted in 2011.  Ford is unique in that they have put energy and resources into greening operations and dealerships in recent years, and have celebrated that publicly… which makes it all the more confusing that some in Ford leadership  have not only spoken in favor of rolling back these standards, but have led other automakers in requesting such rollbacks in 2016.  Our hope is that consumer communication with Ford —from dealerships up through corporate offices — will help remind Ford of its past commitments, and encourage Ford to lead in the direction we want to go — cleaner air and a stable, balanced atmosphere.

The current Clean Car Standards are set to nearly double fuel efficiency by 2025, and are the single most significant global warming policy we have on the books. Though they were at the table when these standards were drafted (and then vetted and given public hearings)  the auto industry wants to slow the drive to cleaner, more efficient, capable  vehicles, just when they are most needed.

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