HARRISBURG —Lancaster Against Pipelines – Resistance

Malinda Clatterbuck (with husband Mark) is co-founder of Lancaster Against Pipelines, currently fighting the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline through farmland in Lancaster County.  Malinda is a Mennonite pastor and former teacher.

From the frontlines of “Blockadia”, Malinda will share her experience in pipeline resistance and civil disobedience.  This action has been featured on national news, including Democracy Now, Washington Post, and more.

On October 16, Malinda (along with 22 co-resistors)  was arrested.   Actions and arrests continue.



Math and love: a cool head and a warm heart

330px-Roe_john-1John Roe is a Mathematics professor at Penn State, and a board member of PA IPL (the link on his name will give you a glimpse of his wide-ranging talents and interests). John also keeps a blog called Points of Inflection that is well worth following.  This semester he is teaching a course he has been building to for a long time: Math for Sustainability.   You can read a news article about the course, or go directly to the course website.

In February, Penn State held a sold out TEDxPSU, which was streamed, and now has finally been released as a set of videos.   Sit down with your lunch and enjoy John Roe give his TEDxPSU talk entitled Cool Head, Warm Heart: Math, Love, and Sustainability