Now Available: Video of Main Line IPL Chapter’s May 23rd Program!

The Clean Energy Co-op

For our May 23rd program, Joy Baxter presents about The Clean Energy Co-op’s support of local solar projects. This presentation is a follow-up to last month’s program: Ron Celentano’s PA Solar Update.

In the Spring of 2021 a new finance option for nonprofits and community businesses looking to install solar became available in the Greater Philadelphia area. The Clean Energy Co-op supports local solar energy projects that benefit our community through a pooled funding approach. The proven and awarded model has helped nonprofits and community businesses ‘go solar’ through the investments of co-op members. Co-op members engage in socially conscious investing to enable the development of solar installations. Membership is attractive to residents that are not able to install solar on their own home or want to make a difference in their community. In addition to helping to finance solar installations, The Clean Energy Co-op educates nonprofits, especially Houses of Worship on all financing options for going solar.


Joy Baxter is a trained Creation Care Ambassador for Blessed Tomorrow and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. She is chair of the Green Team of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Ardmore, co-chair of the Haverford Township Environmental Advisory Committee and chair of the Southeast PA chapter of the Clean Energy Co-op that develops renewable energy installations through local community investment. Joy has used her background in engineering to bring a fresh analysis and solutions. We are grateful to Joy Baxter for presenting this program.


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Now Available: Video of Main Line IPL Chapter’s April 25th Program!

Status of Solar PV in Pennsylvania with Ron Celentano

For our April 25th program, Ron Celentano gives us a brief overview of the solar penetration in the US and more specifically the development in Pennsylvania, and how it compares to other states. An overview of current solar policy issues in PA is also presented, including legislative bills, regulatory developments, continuing barriers, and other topics.


Ron Celentano is a solar energy industry consultant with Celentano Energy Services (CES). He started working in the solar energy field over 40 years ago, with more than 25 years focused on solar PV. Generally, his experience covers technical and policy related fields, including system design, commissioning, testing, performance monitoring installation; project oversight representing the customer; expert witness regarding technical assessments of PV systems and products; installer/code official training, curriculum development, rebate program administration. He has been involved with helping shape most all of Pennsylvania’s state laws and regulations in solar energy over the past two decades, including net metering, interconnection, PA’s solar share requirement, closing the borders, and many other policy related issues. Currently he is President of Pennsylvania Solar & Storage Industries Assoc. (PASSIA) and V.P. of Mid-Atlantic Solar & Storage Industries Assoc. (MSSIA) for Pennsylvania; Technical Director of Philadelphia Solar Energy Assoc. (PSEA); Board Member of Power up Gambia; and he holds a BS in Physics and MS in the field of Mechanical Engineering.


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Now Available: Video of August’s PA IPL Statewide Monthly Meeting and Program!

Video of August’s PA IPL Statewide Monthly Meeting and Program is now available! Click here to view.

August’s PA IPL Statewide Meeting and Program focused on the life of Thomas Berry and the film “Thomas Berry: The Great Story.” Thomas Berry was a monk, cultural historian, author, teacher, and mystic who linked spirituality with ecology. In addition to our regular conversation, the program featured talks by Karen Bernard and PA IPL Board Member Wanda Guthrie who are experts on the life and work of Thomas Berry.

Registration is now open for PA IPL’s September Statewide Monthly Meeting and Program.
This month’s meeting will focus on solar arrays. Solar is growing by leaps and bounds and congregations are keeping pace by installing solar at an ever increasing rate all over the country. They are financing it through a variety of creative options but the many financing options, their pros and cons, and what is best is often confusing.

Are you thinking of going solar at your congregation? Are you interested in solar for yourself?
September’s meeting will bring together solar experts who can answer all of your questions from different perspectives. Join us on Monday, September 20th at 7:00pm and explore how you can install solar on your property, on your congregation’s property, or otherwise participate in the growing solar sector to combat climate change.

Interfaith Power & Light has a new Solar Financing Guide for Congregations!
Read our informative overview on financing options first. Find the Guide and check out all our Solar Resources here.