RECORDING AVAILABLE Pennsylvania 100% Renewable Electricity Webinar

Did you know that in Pennsylvania, you can choose 100% renewable electricity — and you can do so affordably?

GET the slides and the recording. 


Join us for a webinar on Thursday evening, October 15th 7:00-8:00 PM. We’ll walk you through the process using current information.
We will help you with specific recommendations about how to plug your house into wind and solar without getting stuck in a “deal” you don’t want. Fall and spring are the best times to shop.

You’ll get slides you can use at home after the webinar, and if the Internet is robust enough, we may even do a couple of live searches.

This webinar uses Pennsylvania state resources, and is specifically designed for people living in Pennsylvania.

Registration is required.  A recording and resources will be available to those who register.  There is no fee for this program; your donations help us keep doing the work.

Sustainable Generation, Net Metering, and the Public Utility Commission

RachelEPAPittsburghToday PA IPL submitted the following comments to the Public Utility Commission.  If you want to add your name to the coalition’s statements, you can do so through the close of business Friday, May 29.

Read our comments below, including an addendum of the core issues.  The Net Metering Coalition is submitting expanded comments themselves. Continue reading Sustainable Generation, Net Metering, and the Public Utility Commission