Climate Disruption is a Moral Issue: Interfaith Climate Advocacy Training

This event is past, but there is a SECOND CHANCE in AUGUST!

Join this workshop either remotely or in person.  The fee is $15 to help with technical capacity (remote) lunch (in person) and facilities.  (Let us know if that fee is prohibitive.)

A day of preparation for people of all faiths

Learn how to speak with  moral authority on the issue of climate change in Pennsylvania

AdvocacyTrainingWorkshopHeaderJoin us to develop clear messages to bring  directly to policymakers in 2015 to support ambitious, legally-binding  targets for carbon dioxide emissions, renewable power and energy efficiency.

Workshop Leaders:

  • Joy Bergey, Federal Policy Director, PennFuture
  • Jose Aguto, Legislative Secretary on Sustainable Energy and Environment at the Friends Committee on National Legislation, Washington DC
  • Donald Brown, Professor,  Widener University Sustainability Ethics and Law Edwards,
  • Justin Wright, Mediator and Negotiation trainer, Active Neutrals

People of faith possess the moral authority to be important and credible parties to the awakening of awareness and responsibility for climate change among elected leaders and non-elected policy makers.

We seek to prepare people of faith who are willing to pro-actively initiate meetings with policy makers, electoral candidates and other religious leaders to lift up the moral dimensions of this crisis and support effective and rapid transition plans for a clean energy future in Pennsylvania and the nation.

Join us!