MARCH for a Clean Energy Revolution: Communities of Faith and Spirit

The Republican National Convention takes place out of state (Ohio July 18-21), but the Democratic National Convention will be in PA (Philadelphia) July 25-28.

We need our political leaders to prioritize fast and fair climate action on all fronts, including acting to keep fossil fuels in the ground so we’re joining a coalition making the call for clean energy visible.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 4.03.35 PMAsk your congregation to endorse and join you in the faith contingent of the March for a Clean Energy Revolution. Before the march, switch your electricity to cleaner sources so your banners can say so (and encourage others to step up!).

March convenes at 12:00 noon on Sunday, July 24 at City Hall.
Rally at Independence Mall anticipated at about 2:00 PM.

If you live in the Philadelphia area, could you (household or congregation) provide housing for 1 person or a group? Contact us.  There are buses traveling from around Pennsylvania.

Find delegates from your area for each party, communicate your climate commitments and ask that they make fast and fair climate action a platform priority. DNC superdelegates listed here, PA county party chairs here. RNC PA delegates are here.  The RNC does not have superdelegates.

PA IPL leaders will be part of a panel at a justice-focused summit the day before the march, and are actively taking place in the faith-focused parts of the march planning. 

Coalition Rally: NO pipelines! YES clean and just future!

1Remember earlier this month how we showed up when Republicans held their big national meeting in Hershey, PA? It’s the Democrats’ turn!  This meeting is of House Democrats, and we hear that the President may be joining them.

We have joined as a coalition partner on this, and would love to have many PA IPL folks and people of faith joining the event.  The Facebook Event Page is public, so you can look at it even if you’re not “on Facebook”   If you are a Facebook user, please use the event page to promote and share in your networks.

photo credit: Rev. Jesse Brown ImagesByJesseBrown
photo credit: Rev. Jesse Brown ImagesByJesseBrown

BRING SIGNS to communicate with passers-by, media, and the people actually attending the conference.  Particularly needed: signs speaking to climate justice, the moral dimensions of climate change, and highlighting faith voices.  For some texts from Abrahamic traditions to reference find a short list of ideas at   Since the target of this protest is the President with his “all of the above” strategy, “Power from Above, NOT “all of the above”” is always a good go-to.

PA IPL board member Rev. Cheryl Pyrch and active Philly PA IPL member Rabbi Arthur Waskow are quoted in the press release:

We ask President Obama to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline once and for all.  We ask him to remember the children of this country, future generations and the poor and middle-class who bear the greatest burdens of climate change.  It is past time to emphasize energy conservation, efficiency, and investment in wind and solar.

— Rev. Cheryl Pyrch, Summit Presbyterian Church

President Obama, Judaism, like all religious and spiritual traditions, regards the Earth with awe and love. Indeed, Judaism is rooted in the indigenous spirituality of shepherds and farmers, who remembered that an arrogant Pharaoh brought plagues upon the land, and who taught us to make sure the land could live in a rhythm of work and rest. Now all Mother Earth is in danger of choking on the Plague of scorching air that modern Carbon Pharaohs have imposed upon us all.   The Tar Sands Pipeline is a modern Plague. It will damage the regions it traverses, and  its burning of super-saturated high-carbon oil will endanger our planet. Mr. President, we urge you to face these Pharaohs down and —  once and for all —  free our people and the Earth from this Plague by refusing a permit to the KXL Pipeline.”

—Rabbi Arthur Waskow, the Shalom Center

Below is the description from 350Philly:

We just got word that President Obama is going to be speaking at the Society Hill Sheraton on Thursday evening. The House Democratic Caucus is convening in Philadelphia to plan their 2-year agenda in Congress. As we are in the final days of a decision on KXL, we are going to make sure that Obama knows for darn sure where we stand.

We are  rallying  to call on President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline and to call for renewable energy, energy efficiency, and living wage jobs. Our rally here in Philadelphia will be part of national series of actions. But we at 350Philly believe this is an opportunity to not just amplify the message to Reject KXL once and for all — but also to demand the national policies we need for a Just Transition. 

Because the President’s schedule is subject to change on short notice, we are asking that everyone be fluid and flexible. Keep an eye on our FB Event Page for continuous updates–partners, messages, locations, and more!!!

BRING: signs, banners, and friends