Inside the Build Back Better Act with PA IPL & JEA

Join us Wednesday, October 20 at 6:00pm for a meeting as part of PA IPL‘s ongoing partnership with Jewish Earth Alliance (JEA).

In this meeting we will be discussing what is currently included in the Build Back Better Act, what has been or might be eliminated, and most importantly what can concerned citizens do.

Our main speaker will be Emily Wirzba, Manager of Government Relations at the Environmental Defense Action Fund. She has the inside story. Emily will talk for about 10 minutes and answer questions. We will discuss what citizens can and must do to get climate solutions passed.

You can register here for this event.

We hope to see you then, and in the meantime keep pressuring Senator Casey and your US Congressperson to support all of the climate solutions in the Build Back Better Bill. If you need help on how to call or email them and what to say, please contact Phyllis for assistance.

Register now and receive an email providing the Zoom link for the meeting.

No More Tax Breaks for Fossil Fuels with PA IPL & JEA

Part of PA IPL’s Ongoing Partnership with Jewish Earth Alliance

Jewish Earth Alliance and PA Interfaith Power & Light are co-sponsoring this informational and motivational meeting on Sunday, September 19 at 7:00pm.

TOPIC: No More Tax Breaks for Fossil Fuels

SPEAKER: Rob Altenburg, Senior Director for Energy & Climate for PennFuture

We will be discussing the report Rob and PennFuture wrote about subsidies for fossil fuels. Register here for this event.

Recognizing that the time is now to pass far reaching climate actions by the federal government, the Jewish Earth Alliance and Pennsylvania IPL formed a coalition to advocate for climate actions with our federal elected officials. Each month we hold an informational session where we discuss a specific topic relating to environmental sustainability/environmental justice and then help people to write letters to their senators and representative on this topic. The Jewish Earth Alliance provides the topic, background information, and template letter to customize.

REGISTER HERE for Sunday, September 19th.

Renewable Energy & The National Environmental Energy Standard with JEA

Part of PA IPL’s Ongoing Partnership with Jewish Earth Alliance

Speakers: Odette Mucha, Mid-Atlantic Regulatory Director and Federal Liaison Vote Solarand
An inspirational spiritual speaker.

Jewish Earth Alliance and PA Interfaith Power & Light are co-sponsoring this informational and motivational meeting on Wednesday, September 1 at 7:30pm.

The US still gets 60% of its electricity from fossil fuels. Electrical generation is a major source of carbon emissions, second only to transportation. To avert the worst effects of climate change we need to use 100% clean renewable energy such as from solar or wind. A federal Clean Energy Standards (CES) would mandate progress toward the use of renewables for the entire country, which would be a tremendous step toward eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change.

Democrats are aiming to pass a budget under the rules of reconciliation, offering another opportunity to remediate the climate crisis. Their proposed $3.5 trillion budget includes CES, and other climate solutions such as electric car incentives and energy efficient buildings. Members of Congress need to hear our call for comprehensive CES that accelerates the transition to renewable energy, with justice for communities harmed by fossil fuel.

REGISTER HERE for Wednesday, September 1st.

The ABC’s of the Infrastructure Bill: Airports Bridges and Climate & Why Your Activism and Advocacy Matter with JEA

Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light is happy to be partnering with Jewish Earth Alliance (JEA) for a new initiative to help Pennsylvanians voice their position on climate change with a real impact. On August 4th at 7:30PM, PA IPL’s Policy Manager, Amani Reid, will partner with PA IPL member and PA Coordinator for JEA, Phyllis Blumberg, to host the first in a new series of monthly information and training sessions to assist and encourage political letter writing.

JEA will be providing ongoing training and templates for a monthly letter writing campaign to local, state, and federal officials. The meetings will take place on the first Wednesday of each month and will provide a template, information, and guidance for all those interested in amplifying the message of Climate Justice.

Letter writing to our elected officials is one of the most straightforward and important ways we can communicate our moral and ethical stance regarding Climate Justice. Legislators are legally obligated to track such communications so letters are an effective and direct way to inform officials and convey our position, made all the more powerful by our collective voice and as a community of faith and conscience. Your letters can and will make a difference with policy makers so that they live up to their moral obligation to save our planet.

This month we have two fantastic speakers joining us:

    • Rabbi Nathan Martin, President of the board of the Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light will give us spiritual inspiration.
    • Roger Stephenson, the northeast regional director for advocacy for the Union of Concerned Scientists. He believes that each of us can point to something that motivates us to take action and Roger’s motivations are wildlife and his grandchildren. When he’s not working with scientists and advocating for climate he’s birding, paddling, or playing with his grandchildren.
  • The title of his presentation is The ABC’s of the Infrastructure Bill: Airports Bridges and Climate and Why Your Activism and Advocacy Matter. You will learn that every politician distills an issue into three components: ink, money, and votes. According to Roger, advocacy takes this into account and is incredibly important to face off against polluters’ money in politics, to help neighbors become aware and care, and to join in the effort to speak truth to power.

Write to your Federal Senators and Representative. Once you learn more about the importance of climate in the infrastructure bill and how the Jewish Earth Alliance makes it quite easy, through their background information and template letter, for everyone to write letters to their federal officials, we hope you will write to your members of Congress now and for the next few months.

This month we are writing letters to our US Senators and Representative on the importance of including crucial climate measures in infrastructure legislation. You can highlight measures to drive down carbon emissions, further environmental justice, and fund resilient infrastructure. All of these measures have been eliminated in the current bipartisan infrastructure bill.  We need to stay involved to show we care about climate infrastructure!