Creation and Spirit

Join with PA IPL members across the state by planning ahead to create an outdoor event in YOUR area to take place any time on OCTOBER 4.

The event can be for a small group, your congregation, or your community at large, and it can be as simple as you wish. Consider a birdwatch, hike, or garden-sit, or a more traditional Blessing of the Animals, complete with pets.   Invite a local “nature leader” (naturalist, gardener, hiker, en plein air artist) and a spiritual leader to co-lead.

And of course please share your event with us — beforehand, and with a great photo or two after the fact.

First Annual Day of Prayer for Creation Care

lily pond and reflected sky at PSU's Arboretum.
lily pond and reflected sky at PSU’s Arboretum.

Pope Francis declared September 1 to be the Annual Day of Prayer for Creation Care.    PA IPL encourages everyone to do two things:

Get outside for a quiet and connected moment, and to find a way to nourish that sense of wonder, awe, gratitude, or connection to the outdoors.  Place a reminder on your desk — an object, a photograph, a poem (your own, or one from beloved poet), or a piece of scripture.  If you’re willing: please share!

Take a few minutes to plan an event for October 4, which is both the Feast of St. Francis and (Tishrei 21) the last day of Sukkot.