Awaken our leaders with moral messages.

 AdvocacyTrainingWorkshopHeaderRead below, then link to the full article from the Montgomery News on Saturday, March 7, 2015.  Thank you to Arlene Edmonds and the Montgomery News for the coverage of Climate Disruption is a Moral Issue: Interfaith Climate Advocacy Training.  Note: links appearing below were added by PA IPL.

Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light conference focuses on interfaith climate advocacy

Center City— Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light is moving beyond protesting oil bomber trains and holding meetings to unite Christians, Jews, Muslims and other faiths together to discuss the environment. It is now training those in these faith-based communities to influence the leery, the uninformed and misinformed about why they should be involved in advocating for social justice climate issues.

Maybe more voices will listen now on the heels of numerous train derailments,  including the type of crude oil trains it has Continue reading Awaken our leaders with moral messages.