HUNTINGDON: movie and discussion – Merchants of Doubt

Merchants of DoubtPOPCORN! 

You know that feeling when you see a really interesting movie, but you walk out and don’t have the right discussion partner immediately?  No chance of that here —we’ll see it together and discuss right away

We’ll watch the award-winning film Merchants of Doubt and discuss together over popcorn —all are welcome! This is the first of 3 movie discussion events that PA Interfaith Power & Light will holding in area houses of worship.

 Flier to share.

The film chronicles how a few scientists and savvy media relations experts can teach us that smoking is a safe weight loss practice and global warming is a farce.The film is directed by Robert Kenner (Food, Inc., When Strangers Click) and based on the acclaimed book of the same title by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway. More about the film over at Wikipedia.

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