Methane pollution is a climate concern, too.

Rev. Leah Schade is the pastor at United in Christ Lutheran Church in Lewisburg.  She submitted the following comments to the EPA.  They are published here alongside  PA IPL’s remarks. When you’re inspired,  submit a written comment of your own.leah_schade_at_epa_hearing,moorhead_bldg

First, I want to thank the EPA and Administrator McCarthy for paying serious attention to this issue of carbon emissions and their deleterious effect on our planet’s atmosphere.  I commend you for giving citizens the opportunity to be heard on this important issue.  The proposed rule is well-researched, with solid background in science regarding greenhouse gases, their effect on the planet, and their negative impact on public health.  It offers a wide range of options for states and power generators to meet the new requirements to reduce greenhouse gases.

As a pastor who has particular concern for “the least of these,” I was especially pleased to see attention given to the health of children when weighing the input of stakeholders.  I come today on behalf of myself, my husband and two young children, my congregation, United in Christ Lutheran Church in Lewisburg, the Upper Susquehanna Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Lutheran Advocacy Ministry of Pennsylvania, and the Interfaith Sacred Earth Coalition of the Susquehanna Valley to express my support for the new EPA rule to reduce carbon pollution, even while it is under attack from industry groups that want to weaken this life-saving measure.  As a clergyperson, you can be assured of my backing of this proposal.

However, as a member of my synod’s task force on slickwater hydraulic fracturing which spent two years studying the ethical and moral issues surrounding fracking; and as a member of Continue reading Methane pollution is a climate concern, too.

Feeding the Global Addiction

Nathan Sooy of Clean Water Action joins Rachel and Michael Mark, and Steven Todd, all members of PA Interfaith Power & Light: No EIS? No Cove Pt Export!

3 active members of PA IPL stand with Nathan Sooy of Clean Water Action at the Baltimore War Memorial Plaza.  They were there on Feb. 20, 2014, outside of the buildings on where Dominion Energy Solutions was meeting with the Maryland Public Service Commission about permit acquisition for a proposed natural gas liquefaction plant.  Dominion would prefer to have the plant permitted without an   Environmental Impact Statement specific to this expansion (their last EIS was completed in 2006 for a previous expansion).

In 2011 PA IPL drafted a set of ethical considerations to focus and guide discussions of Marcellus Shale drilling. (Marcellus Principles Sept.19.2011PAIPL Marcellus Exec Summary)  While the considerations have not changed, we have much more information about Continue reading Feeding the Global Addiction