Now Available: Video of Main Line IPL Chapter’s February 27th Program!

Are PFAS Contaminating Our Water and Soil?

For our February 27th program, we had Dan Burnham speaking on: Are perfluorinated alkyl substance (PFAS) contaminating our water and soil?

Dan has been a member of Central Baptist Church since 1988, has a PhD in Psychology, and is a member of the Radnor Green Team, which promotes energy conservation and adoption of renewable energy (Ready for 100 goals). Dan has served on the Radnor Township Environmental Advisory Council since 2022 and is currently working with Radnor Township and the township’s Green Team to see that municipal buildings undergo comprehensive energy audits. We’re grateful to have Dan share information on PFAS and what to do about them.

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What Does the Climate Crisis Mean for Local Streams & Rivers?

For our January 23rd program, we join Lauren McGrath, Director of the Watershed Protection Program at Willistown Conservation Trust, to explore the impact of climate change on waterways, learn more about the connection between land and water, and identify how individuals can build climate resilience in their communities. What does the climate crisis mean for local streams and rivers? How does human activity on the landscape impact stream habitat?

Found 20 miles west of Philadelphia, Willistown Conservation Trust focuses on 28,000 acres within the watersheds of Ridley, Crum, and Darby Creeks of Chester and Delaware Counties. Since 1996, the Trust has helped to permanently conserve over 7,500 acres, including three nature preserves open to the public: Ashbridge Preserve, Kirkwood Preserve, and Rushton Woods Preserve, which is home to Rushton Conservation Center and Rushton Farm. The Trust offers six renowned programs for public engagement and research: the Bird Conservation, Community Farm, Education and Outreach, Land Protection, Stewardship, and Watershed Protection Programs.

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Challenging Conversations: Strategies to Bridge the Divide

For our November 28th program, Phyllis Blumberg shares the toolkit developed by the Union of Concerned Scientists to address disinformation by relying on social science research. We are fortunate to have Phyllis as our presenter this month. We will also have an opportunity to practice how to respond to disinformation in conversations and in the media and be in receipt of tools to keep from being sucked in or redirected in conversations.

Phyllis Blumberg, our speaker, is a PA organizer for the Jewish Earth Alliance, a PA Interfaith Power & Light Board member, and a community organizer on behalf of climate and disinformation for the Union of Concerned Scientists. We are grateful to have had her join us for our November program!

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Truelove Seeds

For our October 24th program, Owen Taylor speaks to us about the vision for the company he began. He is a seed nerd who loves growing Southern Italian and Irish heirlooms and supporting the community food sovereignty movement through seed keeping.

Truelove Seeds is a farm-based seed company offering culturally important and open pollinated vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. Their seeds are grown by more than 50 small-scale urban and rural farmers committed to community food sovereignty, cultural preservation, and sustainable agriculture. They share all profits directly with growers: 50% of each packet sale goes back to the farmer who grew it! Truelove Seeds believes that keeping seeds is an act of truelove for our ancestors and our collective future.

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Now Available: Video of Main Line IPL Chapter’s October 3rd Program!

Why Go Green?
The Popularity of Natural Burials

Introduction to the Green Funerary Movement

For our October 3rd program, Angela Burke and Kirsten Bryant-Phillip present about the “green” funerary movement.

You may have heard about the growing trends of “green” or natural funeral and burial service for end-of-life planning. What is it all about and why are environmentally conscious people considering this option today?

Join Angela Burke and Kirsten Bryant-Phillip, Family Service Representatives at Laurel Hill Cemetery, located in Bala Cynwyd, PA, for a fascinating introduction to the “green” funerary movement. Laurel Hill maintains an award-winning “green” burial section and native meadow, Nature’s Sanctuary. During this virtual presentation, you will explore cultural understandings of death as it relates to the environment and its impacts on the deceased.

This is a recording of our September meeting, which was moved to allow our Jewish friends to conclude their Rosh Hashanah celebration. Shana Tovah!

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Now Available: Video of Main Line IPL Chapter’s May 23rd Program!

The Clean Energy Co-op

For our May 23rd program, Joy Baxter presents about The Clean Energy Co-op’s support of local solar projects. This presentation is a follow-up to last month’s program: Ron Celentano’s PA Solar Update.

In the Spring of 2021 a new finance option for nonprofits and community businesses looking to install solar became available in the Greater Philadelphia area. The Clean Energy Co-op supports local solar energy projects that benefit our community through a pooled funding approach. The proven and awarded model has helped nonprofits and community businesses ‘go solar’ through the investments of co-op members. Co-op members engage in socially conscious investing to enable the development of solar installations. Membership is attractive to residents that are not able to install solar on their own home or want to make a difference in their community. In addition to helping to finance solar installations, The Clean Energy Co-op educates nonprofits, especially Houses of Worship on all financing options for going solar.


Joy Baxter is a trained Creation Care Ambassador for Blessed Tomorrow and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. She is chair of the Green Team of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Ardmore, co-chair of the Haverford Township Environmental Advisory Committee and chair of the Southeast PA chapter of the Clean Energy Co-op that develops renewable energy installations through local community investment. Joy has used her background in engineering to bring a fresh analysis and solutions. We are grateful to Joy Baxter for presenting this program.


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