AKRON: EnergyStar for Congregations workshop

Join your hosts at the Mennonite Central Committee to learn about a powerful tool to help track energy stewardship and energy savings in houses of worship.

The energy we choose and use has impacts on vulnerable people, and on the ecosystems on which we all depend. Even when we choose renewables, when we use no more than we need, we are better stewards of one another and our Common Home, and we can better light the way for others on the same path!

Invite members of your house of worship’s property committee,  business office, and building stewards as well as clergy and interested congregants — including those who may have small businesses!   RSVPs are helpful, but not required.

ENERGY STAR® Pennsylvania Stewardship Tour

Virtually every faith tradition teaches stewardship: Out of gratitude and appreciation for what we have been given, we are taught to make wise use of gifts and assets such as financial and natural resources, the time and talents of congregation members, and the house of worship, itself, in ways that are responsible and accountable.

  • However, like most U.S. commercial buildings, the typical worship facility wastes about 30 percent of the energy for which its congregants pay.

No-cost efficiency actions and careful investments can earn substantial savings to be returned to the mission of the congregation. What could your congregation do with funds equivalent to 30 percent of your annual energy bill? Also, while saving money, the pollution related to this wasted energy will be reduced—pollution that impacts human life and health. Further, natural resources will be conserved for our children and generations to come.

ENERGY STAR is the nation’s voluntary program helping congregations, businesses, schools, homeowners, and tenants save energy and water—and therefore money. Local Pennsylvania faith communities are hosting ENERGY STAR presentations on tools, training, and technical support freely available at www.energystar.gov/congregations.

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  • Action Workbook for Congregations (PDF) for savings facts and strategies, action lists, no-cost/low-cost “Sure Savers” and more
  • Free, online Portfolio Manager® tool for tracking energy, water savings, and recycling/material management, and the resulting pollution prevention at energystar.gov/benchmark

Annual Conference. October 27. Pittsburgh.

PA IPL 2018 Annual conference, on the 70th anniversary  of the beginning of the Donora Smog.
Learn more here.  Pre-registration closed at 8:00AM on Thursday, October 27th.  Join us anyway!  At-the-door registration is $40.
(Use this link while at the registration table if necessary to pay by credit card. Cash or check accepted.)

Matzo Meditation — a liturgical interfaith seder at Earth Hour

This post was originally published here.  Reposted with permission
Marisa Guerin, PhD.

Original event/calendar post.  The downloadable MLK + 50 Freedom Seder created by the Shalom Center, which was a great resource in creating the Earth Hour seder.

Photos from the Seder were taken in low-light.  We are grateful to have them!  Thanks to Neysa Nevins for the visuals.

This reflection is inspired by the beautiful interfaith Seder that I participated in recently, jointly prepared and led by two women religious leaders, a rabbi and a minister (and that in itself was a gracious experience for this Catholic woman). The evening ceremony was focused on the theme of climate justice, and it was scheduled to coincide with “Earth Hour”, when electric lights around the world are turned off for one hour to shine a light on the need for climate action. The Seder was sponsored by Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light. In the beauty of candlelight, we commemorated the ancient traditions and living faiths of Judaism and Christianity.

During the service, Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein spoke of the symbolism of the matzo bread on each person’s plate. It is unleavened – that is, not puffed up, but plain, made with few ingredients and quickly-baked. Like our essential selves stripped of ego-puffiness, it is a bread that reminds us of what is basic and true. It is a bread of poverty, and also the bread that symbolizes freedom. It reminds us that even when what we have is humble and simple, we have enough. I could meditate on this for weeks.

Like matzo, the communion bread Continue reading Matzo Meditation — a liturgical interfaith seder at Earth Hour

PHILADELPHIA: Earth Hour— Interfaith Seder: When Earth Really Matters

event description and reflection posted here.

Join the Philadelphia Chapter of PA IPL for 

An Interfaith Seder to Welcome Passover and Holy Week

There will be music, prayer, discussion, and symbolic foods.
Draw from ancient traditions to deepen your understanding of climate justice.

All welcome!
$5 suggested donation to defray costs.  Donations of all sizes welcomed.
RSVPs appreciated. Contact Rev. Cheryl Pyrch, philadelphia@paipl.org

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From 8:30 to 9:30 well observe Earth Hourby turning off electric lights. This annual world-wide event shines a light on the need for climate action. www.earthhour.org

Saturday, March 24, 8:00pm to 10:00pm at the Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, 8000 St. Martin’s Lane, 19118

Ready to go BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENT to share in your congregation or community newsletter:
When the Earth Matters: An Interfaith Seder to Welcome Passover and Holy Week.  Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, 8000 St. Martin’s Lane, Saturday, March 24, 8-10 p.m. Join Philadelphia PA Interfaith Power & Light for an evening of music, prayer, discussion and symbolic foods.  Draw from ancient traditions to deepen your understanding of climate justice.  At 8:30, we’ll join people around the world for “Earth Hour” by turning off  electric lights and moving to the softer, greener light of solar lamps.  There will be an opportunity to take action.  All welcome,$5 suggested donation.  Reservations appreciated. Contact the Rev. Cheryl Pyrch, philadelphia@paipl.org

Nationwide Climate Prayer — noon

hands on earthClimate Blessing

We Hold the Earth
We hold brothers and sisters who suffer from storms and droughts intensified by climate change.
We hold all species that suffer.
We hold world leaders delegated to make decisions for life.
We pray that the web of life may be mended through courageous actions to limit carbon emissions.
We pray for right actions for adaptation and mitigation to help our already suffering earth community.
We pray that love and wisdom might inspire my actions and our actions as communities. . .
so that we may, with integrity, look into the eyes of brothers and sisters and all beings and truthfully say, we are doing our part to care for them and the future of the children.
May love transform us and our world with new steps toward life.
Find more Climate Blessings for different faith traditions at Faith Climate Action Week

Faith Climate Action Week

Find more Climate Blessings for different faith traditions at Faith Climate Action Week

Ta’anit Esther

Facebook event page to spread the word by sharing and inviting friends.  Originated by Philadelphia PA IPL co-chair, Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein.Ta'anit Esther

Join me in fasting on the Fast of Esther, or Ta’anit Esther, to pray for Divine mercy and to gain courage in speaking out and taking action on behalf of sustainable life on Earth.

Ta’anit Esther is a traditional Jewish dawn-to-dusk fast (no food or water) the day before Purim, based on Esther 4:16. Queen Esther risks her life to save her people, and in preparing for this courageous act, she calls for a communal fast. I call upon people of all faiths to join me in this fast, as a transformation of our unsustainable global economy will require all of us working and sacrificing together.