climate speaker, transformative seeker: Michael Dowd

The Rev. Michael Dowd and Connie Dowd are traveling in conjunction with the extraordinary Great Climate March (from LA to DC — 35 full-time marchers are walking the whole way!)   They have connected with IPL and reached into their own networks to arrange an incredibly busy speaking schedule to engage people on climate change, and explore the links between climate action and faith, and inspire people to move forward in bold, active hope.  They currently have 6 PA dates.  If you want to open your doors, head for one of the following congregations, or look to link an event with your group in the same town at another time of day.  Watch or listen to previous programs linked from their past events page.

October 7 Unitarian Universalists of the North Hills (evening)
October 11 Unitarian Universalists of Meadville 6:30-8:15 PM
October 12 First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh (morning and 6:00 PM)
October 18 Greater Pittsburgh Montessori Society
October 19 Unitarian Universalists of the South Hills (morning)
October 22 Unitarian Church of Harrisburg (evening)

Interfaith devotional gathering (Carlisle)

A statement from the Baha’i Office on the Environment asserts, “Only a comprehensive vision of a global society, supported by universal values and principles, can inspire individuals to take responsibility for the long-term care and protection of the natural environment. Baha’is find such a world-embracing vision and system of values in the teachings of Baha’u’llah, which herald an era of planetary justice, prosperity, and unity.”

In support of this effort, the Baha’is of Carlisle are hosting an interfaith devotional gathering in praise of the creation at 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 3 at 402 Burgner’s Road, Carlisle. Everyone is welcome to attend and bring a reading, prayer, poem or song on this topic to lift our spirits and enhance our praise and worship of the Creator and His matchless creation.

Dee Dombach and her husband, Scott, are members of the Carlisle Bahai Community. They welcome comments at Visit them on at

Read Dee’s article in The Sentinel (Cumberland County) written in advance of the People’s Climate March (in New York) which shares  Baha’i teachings on climate change.