Pennsylvania Climate Convergence 2022

PA IPL is proud to be partnering with 65 environmental organizations to launch the Pennsylvania Climate Convergence 2022. We invite all PA IPL members to join us on Saturday, June 11th, through Monday, June 13th, at Riverfront Park, Harrisburg, and encourage our governor, lawmakers & regulators to revise the rhetoric and address climate change issues.

Pick one day or come for all three! There will be events for people of all ages and interests!

Reduce your carbon footprint by riding with a group. There are buses available from SW PA (Gateway Schools Campus or New Stanton Interchange) & SE PA (Philadelphia & Chester) to Harrisburg. The $5 cost is generously subsidized by environmental partner groups. If you register but do not ride, you will be charged $45. Email to register.

MECHANICSBURG: Fracking poetry and photos

Ongoing exhibition Feb. 6–March 15 at Messiah College — Shale Play: Documentary Art by Julia Kasdorf and Steven Rubin, an exhibition in collaboration with the Department of English Climenhaga Building, Climenhaga Galleries (upper)

Artist’s Talk/Poetry Reading and Reception: High Center, High Foundation Recital Hall, Feb. 7, 4:15 p.m.

Shale Play, a singular work from an award-winning poet and a veteran documentary photographer, tracks the natural gas boom in the small towns, fields and forests of Appalachian Pennsylvania. In the era of the visual and verbal meme, Rubin and Kasdorf pair documentary poems with photographs in a volume that can be held in the human hand and shared, even in communities that lack high speed internet access.

Learn more about the artists:           

Interviews with the artists about the book, and the work that led to the book:

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You may remember Julia Spicher Kasdorf’s work from the close of our April 2018 newsletter, copied here:

In honor of [the April 13, 2018 A Better Path Coalition] event, we will end with a powerful poem by Pennsylvania docupoet Julia Spicher Kasdorf.  For more from her, including explorations of faith, bookmark this written interview to read with time to reflect.

But first, the poem:

“A Mother on the West Virginia Line Considers the Public Health”
The industry thinks I’m too dumb to back down; they don’t know
I do this for my Mom and Dad. They were 69 and 71.
He had pulmonary fibrosis, worked with asbestos all his life. She grew up
near the coke ovens back when kids were sent into the mines to pick coal.
So they both had lung problems, but their home, the next hollow over,
sits 350 feet from a compressor station. We sealed the house,
set up an air scrubber, but—four of their neighbors passed last year, too.
We bought the coal rights to our 115 acres because we know
the company will come up to your front door, but we let the gas go,
just didn’t see this coming. A gentleman from New Jersey leased our land.
One day we come home to find pink ribbons tied in the field. Then bulldozers.
They put in four shallow wells and a Marcellus well on a 5-acre pad

Continue reading where the poem is printed in full with permission

HARRISBURG: Josh Hooper and the Climate Reality Project

On first Tuesdays, PA IPL member congregation the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg hosts a speaker series entitled Journey to Justice.  April’s speaker will be one of their own members, Josh Hooper.  The public is always invited.  Programs that intersect with climate justice are also posted here.

Josh is the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium, an alliance of Pennsylvania colleges and universities working on contributing to a more sustainable environment — both on campus, and in the larger world.  Josh was trained with former Vice President Al Gore in Pittsburgh last fall, and is a certified member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps.

Come hear the latest news about the climate threat and the good news about what is already starting to happen in response to climate change.

HARRISBURG —Lancaster Against Pipelines – Resistance

Malinda Clatterbuck (with husband Mark) is co-founder of Lancaster Against Pipelines, currently fighting the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline through farmland in Lancaster County.  Malinda is a Mennonite pastor and former teacher.

From the frontlines of “Blockadia”, Malinda will share her experience in pipeline resistance and civil disobedience.  This action has been featured on national news, including Democracy Now, Washington Post, and more.

On October 16, Malinda (along with 22 co-resistors)  was arrested.   Actions and arrests continue.



HARRISBURG – George Lakey, Viking Economics author presentation at Midtown Scholar Bookstore


This talk will now be offered at 3:00 AND at 6:00
Author talk:
How the Scandinavians got it right — and how we can, too
by George Lakey
Melville House Publishers, NY and London, 2016

George Lakey is a member of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, and a climate justice activist… and Bill McKibben called his book “Completely fascinating”

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Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are pace-setters in responding to the climate crisis.  Copenhagen aims to be carbon neutral by 2025; the Church of Sweden fully divested from fossil fuels two years ago.  Norway bests the world in electric cars and bicycle highways.

The four countries are at the top of the international charts in equality, individual freedom, accountable police and low crime.  Their economies are marked by a powerful co-op sector. They provide free higher education, health care, and good pensions for all. Only Norway struck it rich in oil. What’s their secret?

MORE ABOUT THE BOOK from Midtown Scholar’s community calendar:

In this book a retired Swarthmore College professor who has lived and worked in Norway tells an uplifting story. What economists call “the Nordic model” puts Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden at the top tier of international ratings. That includes education, abundance of jobs, health care, and security for all people. Only Norway found substantial oil. All four Nordics were nimble in bouncing back from the 2008 crisis that still bedevils Europe and the U.S.

The book tells a human story: what is it like to be a professional in Norway, or a parent or student or worker or entrepreneur or farmer or retired person or immigrant? …

This presentation is co-sponsored by Harrisburg Quaker Friends and:


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