Gratitude and wonder.

A Cornucopia of Thanks: our Thanksgiving 2014 post has multi-faith table prayer resources, and begins with a prayer: squirrel

God of sun and God of rain,
In you, there is no dryness.
In you, no weed chokes the root.
No blight  …. read more and get the links to all the multi-faith stuff.

And if you want to think about different ways to approach climate change conversations with family this Setting the Table, Planting the Seeds post is for you.

Our 2013 Thanksgiving post shared this gorgeous movie, which is free, but cannot be embedded.  It’s beautiful, wonder-filled, and free and is worth streaming on a big screen to share with others once the dark settles in.  Read more, and maybe check out the movie.  Before that, though, do get outside, no matter the weather.  Watch the sky.  Pick up a leaf.  Breathe.  And give thanks.

#Climate Thanks

Gratitude and thanksgiving are an integral part of most of our faith traditions all year long, but this is the week that we focus on thankfulness in our secular lives, as Americans—at least until we flip the cultural switch to full-blown consumerism on Friday morning — so let’s pause here and take stock, too.  The work we’re doing can feel hopeless, the challenges too enormous and intractable, but we’re luckier than most.  We have the hope that we draw from Continue reading #Climate Thanks