MORALtorium remarks: Today is a Call to Action.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.13.38 AMSister Pat Lupo was recently recognized by PennFuture.  The Benedictines of Erie are among the religious communities that have signed the Paris Pledge, committing to do their part to cut emissions. These are Sister Pat’s remarks from the Capitol Rotunda on March 21.

My name is Pat Lupo, I‘m a Benedictine Sister from Erie. I believe that Faith Communities are called to demonstrate their commitment to environmental action and to do it in partnership with environmental organizations, local communities, and civic and government entities.

This earth that we live on, our air and our water is sacred.  We have a moral obligation to care for the planet, to act for the well-being of future generations and for Continue reading MORALtorium remarks: Today is a Call to Action.

MORALtorium remarks: Adam and Eve, herons and loons… and fracking?

Photo credit: Sam Berhardt

PA IPL board president Rabbi Daniel Swartz was one of many leaders, from several different faiths, who spoke as part of a full day calling for a “moral-torium” on new fracking in Pennsylvania.  His remarks were delivered in the Capitol Rotunda.

This is perfect setting for talking about a moral framework for our relation to our planet and to each other.  On the steps into the capitol, we see two depictions of Adam and Eve – one where they are in harmony with the garden and life is full of blessing, and one of conflict, leading to tragedy.  On the floor surrounding us are mosaic depictions of butterflies and blue herons, snapping turtles and loons – feathered ones that is.  And above, the quote:  Justice is the end of government.

But we have neither harmony with creation nor justice. Instead, we’re being fracked.  Frackers inject a toxic stew of chemicals into the earth to split apart shale. And too many forces today Continue reading MORALtorium remarks: Adam and Eve, herons and loons… and fracking?

Spring Forward and Leave Fracking Behind: MORALtorium on fracking

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.14.26 PMThis event is over, but it got great coverage in the media:

Calendar description of full event.
PA IPL board resolution on fossil fuel infrastructure.
Rabbi Daniel Swartz remarks, on our blog.
Rev. Leah Schade’s remarks, published on her blog, EcoPreacher.
State Impact PA piece on the event.
Allegheny Front piece on the event.
Arlene Edmonds for the Philadelphia Tribune.
Philadelphia Jewish Voice piece

A coalition of faith community groups and leaders is joining to work toward a MORALtorium on new drilling in Pennsylvania.

9:00 Lobby Training at Grace UMC
10:15 inter-religious service of hope and courage at Grace United Methodist Church
11:00 Rally and Press conference in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building
12:00 – 4:00 Meet in pairs with legislators (make an appointment by calling yours and asking for one!)

REGISTER and use the flier and the Facebook Event page to spread the word.

As people of faith we are seeking

  • A MORALtorium on any new wells that involve hydraulic fracturing
  • Full funding for the examination of existing PA wells to monitor for methane leaks polluting he air and gas leaks polluting the water.
  • Full funding for the cleanup of contaminated wells with which cause health and safety problems for Pennsylvanians.
  • Support for renewable energy jobs.
  • Retraining workers who are displaced from fossil fuel-related jobs for the emerging renewable energy sector.

Read PA IPL’s new resolution on fossil fuel infrastructure.

Sponsored by:

  • Benedictine Sisters of Erie
  • Benedictines for Peace, Erie PA
  • PA Council of Churches
  • The Interfaith Alliance of Pennsylvania
  • GreenFaith
  • PA IPL
  • Pax Christi Pittsburgh
  • Interfaith Alliance of Pennsylvania
  • Sierra Club
  • The Shalom Center
  • Sisters of St. Joseph
  • Pennsylvanians Against Fracking
  • Allegheny County Clean Air Now
  • The Thomas Merton Center
  • Physicians for Social Responsibility, Philadelphia

Download a PDF  flier to share.

Our covenant with the future.

The PA IPL board is pleased to share its first resolution, urging policymakers to stop investing in fossil fuel infrastructure as a sign that we now clearly know that the use of fossil fuels does harm.  We know we must begin to transition, and our infrastructure investments should reflect that understanding.

The board anticipates forthcoming documents providing deeper faith grounding and a second resolution calling for building TOWARD a just, sustainable, clean-energy future.

Read the resolution.PA IPL board 2016

Proposed Methane Standards: limits on methane pollution from oil and gas operations

danielmenorahInterfaith Power & Light released comments on the EPA’s announcement of proposed methane emission limits from oil and gas operations yesterday.  PA IPL’s own Rabbi Daniel Swartz was one of three faith leaders quoted. See the full release: Methane-press-release.IPL  and click through for video of leaks.

Faith Community Supports EPA’s Proposed Methane Pollution Standards Religious leaders applaud move to protect public health

SAN FRANCISCO – Faith leaders from around the country voiced strong support today as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released the first-ever proposed rules to regulate methane emissions from oil and gas sites. As a toxic pollutant and potent greenhouse gas able to trap 80 times as much heat over a 20-year period as carbon dioxide, faith groups have identified methane pollution as a serous public health risk in need of regulation.

Rabbi Daniel Swartz, president of the board of Pennsylvania IPL said: Continue reading Proposed Methane Standards: limits on methane pollution from oil and gas operations

Fracking and the Green Stuff

Bill and Tabitha fracking rallyLoretta and LoraxRachel Mark with signPA IPL speaks about fracking as we do all things: as it relates to climate change, and from there, as it affects Creation and particularly the most vulnerable people.

Jump down to hear about a couple of recent public demonstrations that PA IPL leaders participated in on May 6 and June 17 (including a prayer by Rev. Loretta Collins), check out our statement on fracking ( Marcellus Principles Sept.19.2011PAIPL Marcellus Exec Summary), or read on for a bit of current background.  When you’re done, pop over to Interfaith Power & Light’s action page to add your name to the list of people of faith urging the EPA to tighten restrictions on fracking. Continue reading Fracking and the Green Stuff