Food Waste Weekend

GreenFaith and have teamed up to create supports for Food Waste Weekend.  Use them on September 23-25, or schedule programs for another time — this is important all year long!

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  • this great background video to get a sense of the scope of this problem
  • This blog post about food waste (with tips and videos) from November 2015
  • this site, which will connect you with recipe ideas, storage plans to keep food fresher for longer, planning tips, and there’s an app you can download
  • this site, which has lots of eat low carbon tips, including limiting waste.

GreenFaith has made sample sermons and background information on food waste available on the Food Waste Weekend website for Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Unitarian and Secular communities. You can also download the Food Waste Weekend Gameshow lesson plan for children in faith communities, and other free resources.

Here in the US, more than 30% of all food is wasted. In a world with so many hungry people, that’s a terrible shame.

Sadly, it gets worse. Wasted food rots and creates greenhouse gas emissions. A lot of them. If you compare the emissions from food waste globally to the world’s nations, it comes in third place – following China and the US.

Fortunately, we can all make a difference. Take part in Food Waste Weekend.

On the weekend of September 23-25, faith communities across the country will celebrate the first Food Waste Weekend, or will commit to do so later this year. Food Waste Weekend is a partnership between GreenFaith and, a nonprofit that reduces food waste and hunger by empowering growers to donate excess produce to food pantries.

70% of America’s food pantries are located in a house of worship. Faith communities are key partners in helping to ensure that excess food gets to hungry families.

We invite you to take part in Food Waste Weekend. Sign up now to take part on Sept. 23-25 or to schedule your Food Waste Weekend later this year.

Spread the word by using #foodwasteweekend on social media.