Faith Climate Action Week


Faith Climate Action Week
April 14-22, 2018 (but extend earlier or later as you wish)

Charged with Faith: Leading the way to a clean energy future

Nationally, Interfaith Power & Light supports teaching, preaching, praying, and gathering to speak, listen, and act on climate change from a faithful foundation during the week leading up to Earth Day.


Celebrations, sermons, service projects, events, and nature walks will be held, all week, around the theme “Charged with Faith: Leading the way to a clean energy future”. Sign up now and be the first to receive information on how to participate.We will be focusing on ways we can green our facilities and homes, take action locally, and advocate nationally for positive steps towards a sustainable, 100% renewable energy future.

Join us for a whole week of Creation celebration and carbon-cutting activities. Sign up here to receive information and activities around this exciting event.

For questions or more information please contact Kari Kiser Chinn, the Community Engagement and Programs Manager for IPL….. or reach out to us here at PA IPL.


January 2018 newsletter: Greening and Growing in the Dark

Photo credit: Darlene O’Neal, Bellefonte PA

somehow, in some way,
it has managed to survive –
pampas grass in the snow

— Matsuo Bashō, 17th c, Japanese

It is winter – and it is 2018 – and so it’s understandable that we seek evidence of ‘survival,’ perhaps against all odds.  At Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light we know that surviving – even thriving– is most fully realized when we can reach for meaningful action, companions in the work, the sense of fullness that comes from prayer, ritual and meditation, and always, always, generative hope.  Here are some ways we are cultivating all of these around the state right now – we hope you’ll join in! Continue reading January 2018 newsletter: Greening and Growing in the Dark

Faith Climate Action Week — your congregation, community, home

All you need and more (including worship and sermon resources, postcards, a discounted film and a leaders’ guide) are over at the Faith Climate Action Week website maintained by the national Interfaith Power & Light.

You can do all the things listed below (and more!) right from that main site site.

If the national week doesn’t work for your faith community, you can still participate!  None of the materials is dated.  Please take photos and share your stories whenever you participate. 

Sermon: The Passing of New Things

The Rev. Alison Cornish delivered this sermon, entitled The Passing of First Things, on April 24, 2016, at PA IPL member congregation Tabernacle United Church in Philadelphia.

Good morning, and thank you so very much for the invitation to be with you here this morning.  Having an opportunity to participate in worship of many different faith communities is one of delights I cherish as Executive Director of Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light.

Vincent Van Gogh Ravine

I sincerely doubt that the common lectionary that lays out the cycle of scripture readings for so many Christian communities intentionally aligns itself with the relatively new, and entirely secular, holiday of Earth Day – officially 3 days ago – but what a gift they have given us this morning!  First, those beautiful images from Psalm 148 that Susan read earlier – words, in fact, that are the basis of St. Francis’ Canticle of the Sun – words that one author describes as ‘a symbiosis of praise involving humans and nature.’  And then, the vision from Revelation of a new earth, a new creation, of almost Edenic quality, coming to pass at the end times.  I’ll dig deeper into each of these in a few moments, but for now, let us savor these images, connecting perhaps to moments in our own lives when the qualities of our environs have elevated us, inspired us, nurtured Continue reading Sermon: The Passing of New Things

Sermon: When Do We Get Our New Heavens and Our New Earth

ballenger_photoPA IPL Board Member Barbara Ballenger gave this homily on Earth Day Sunday, April 24, 2016, at St. Martin-in-the-Fields in Philadelphia (where she is on staff).  Reprinted here with permission.  NOTE: St. Martin’s follows the Revised Common Lectionary, a 3-year cycle of scripture readings.  The readings for this day were Acts 11:1-18; Revelation 21:1-6; John 13:31-35.  

So I have a question. When do we get our new Heaven and new Earth? This set is wearing out, and it seems like it’s about time for God to deliver on those promises that God made in our second reading from the book of Revelation (Revelation 21:1-6).
I don’t want to rain on your Earth Day weekend but:

480887_10152743155550105_643811093_nWe have 84 years to get this right – that’s roughly my mother’s current lifetime. And in the meantime we have fires, floods, famines, droughts and mass species extinctions to worry about.
So by the time my daughter is her grandmother’s age, she Continue reading Sermon: When Do We Get Our New Heavens and Our New Earth