Speaking the Truth in Love, within and beyond the walls

Alison CornishOn July 10, several Pennsylvania religious leaders traveled to Washington DC to offer in-person testimony to the EPA regarding delay of implementation of New Source Performance Standards for Methane emissions from oil and gas operations.  EPA-HQ-OAR-2010-0505

I am Rev. Alison Cornish. I serve as the Executive Director of Pennsylvania Interfaith Power& Light. We are a community of congregations, faith-based organizations and individuals of faith responding to climate change as a moral issue, through advocacy, energy conservation, energy efficiency, and the use of clean, renewable energy.  I am ordained minister in the Unitarian Universalist tradition.

When I accepted my call to ministry, I made a commitment to always speak the truth in love.  I also accepted the charge to remember the needs of those beyond any one congregation’s walls.  It is this charge and commitment that have compelled me to travel to Washington DC today to be here.

I am here to speak this truth: there is abundant documentation that methane, including the methane that is released by the oil and natural gas industry, is a danger to public health.  In recent years, researchers, industrialists, citizens and governments have learned a great deal about the extent of emissions from oil and gas operations.   The New Source rule, the subject of today’s hearing, would cover 836 wells in PA, which is Continue reading Speaking the Truth in Love, within and beyond the walls