Interest form DEADLINE: Clean Power for HOUSEHOLDS

October 24 is the deadline for households to fill out interest forms for affordable, fixed-price clean power through our partnership with Groundswell.

super-duper simple, 5-blank
interest form for HOUSEHOLDS

Remember: this is an interest form, not a contract.  Groundswell will use the size of the group to negotiate for fixed-price, fixed-term contracts for 100% clean power, and will return to the group with a price that will approach (and sometimes beats!) the standard-offer-of-service (SOS) price for regular, dirty energy, and only then will you have the option of signing a contract for the switch.

More info (including some informational PDFs you can download) is here on our blog., and if you contact us ( or 814-876-2597), we’ll send you faith-grounded bulletin inserts for your congregation.  Grow the group!

Looking for the info for CONGREGATIONS and other organizations?  Fall deadline is October 1, or start working now toward joining the spring bid group.