Renewable Energy & The National Environmental Energy Standard with JEA

Part of PA IPL’s Ongoing Partnership with Jewish Earth Alliance

Speakers: Odette Mucha, Mid-Atlantic Regulatory Director and Federal Liaison Vote Solarand
An inspirational spiritual speaker.

Jewish Earth Alliance and PA Interfaith Power & Light are co-sponsoring this informational and motivational meeting on Wednesday, September 1 at 7:30pm.

The US still gets 60% of its electricity from fossil fuels. Electrical generation is a major source of carbon emissions, second only to transportation. To avert the worst effects of climate change we need to use 100% clean renewable energy such as from solar or wind. A federal Clean Energy Standards (CES) would mandate progress toward the use of renewables for the entire country, which would be a tremendous step toward eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change.

Democrats are aiming to pass a budget under the rules of reconciliation, offering another opportunity to remediate the climate crisis. Their proposed $3.5 trillion budget includes CES, and other climate solutions such as electric car incentives and energy efficient buildings. Members of Congress need to hear our call for comprehensive CES that accelerates the transition to renewable energy, with justice for communities harmed by fossil fuel.

REGISTER HERE for Wednesday, September 1st.

RECORDING AVAILABLE Pennsylvania 100% Renewable Electricity Webinar

Did you know that in Pennsylvania, you can choose 100% renewable electricity — and you can do so affordably?

GET the slides and the recording. 


Join us for a webinar on Thursday evening, October 15th 7:00-8:00 PM. We’ll walk you through the process using current information.
We will help you with specific recommendations about how to plug your house into wind and solar without getting stuck in a “deal” you don’t want. Fall and spring are the best times to shop.

You’ll get slides you can use at home after the webinar, and if the Internet is robust enough, we may even do a couple of live searches.

This webinar uses Pennsylvania state resources, and is specifically designed for people living in Pennsylvania.

Registration is required.  A recording and resources will be available to those who register.  There is no fee for this program; your donations help us keep doing the work.

application DEADLINE: clean power for ORGANIZATIONS

October 1 is the deadline for congregations and organizations (including small businesses) to fill out application forms for affordable, fixed-price clean power through our partnership with Groundswell.

super-duper simple, 7-blank
interest form for ORGANIZATIONS

To join the organizations bidding group, you then be contacted to fill a more involved application form (which you can save as you go) because organizational electricity needs are less predictable than households.  Still, this is, not a contract.

Groundswell will use the size of the group to negotiate for fixed-price, fixed-term contracts for 100% clean power, and will return to the group with a price that should meet (and often beats!) the standard-offer-of-service (SOS) price for regular, dirty energy.  Only then will you have the option of signing a contract for the switch.

Organizations will get an anticipated price a week before bid day, then will get a bid and contract specific to each, and  each will opt in or out 24 hours.

More info (including some informational PDFs you can download) is here on our blog., and if you contact us ( or 814-876-2597), we’ll send you faith-grounded bulletin inserts for your congregation.  We can also arrange to do presentations for leaders in your institution (or ministerium) so that they can learn more about the process.  Grow the group!

Divest at the outlet.

power-outlet No matter how contemporary or traditional their services, every congregation plugs in somewhere, sometime.  Whether we’re running the coffee maker, lighting the gathering space, copying the newsletter, printing the lesson, chilling the cole slaw, or projecting the lyrics, we plug in when we need to, and we don’t think much about it. The electricity that makes all those things work comes from somewhere.   In Pennsylvania, we can now choose what electricity we buy.  We put inexpensive safety covers on our outlets to protect our children from the electricity.  Now we can also afford to protect our children and God’s Earth from pollution released in generating the electricity. Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light has teamed up with another non-profit, Groundswell, to join their Community Power Project.  Through this project faith communities, community organizations, schools,  small businesses, and now households can buy 100% clean, FIXED PRICE electricity in their existing budgets.  Groundswell joins bill-payers together Continue reading Divest at the outlet.