Engaging and responding.

A motivated member of PA IPL is ready to create a group of people to learn and regularly engage lawmakers in pro-active conversations about climate change.  It’s an exciting plan with possibilities for local and statewide learning groups, training for visiting legislators, and a larger group of quick-response callers and letter-writers whose climate change efforts are primarily engaged elsewhere.   A brief description of the program precedes the embedded survey questions below.

This survey is for everyone.  It will help us identify, communicate with, and link

  • people ready to take a deep dive on engaged-conversation advocacy
  • people who want to support that work with quick, occasional phone calls,
  • people who are not themselves interested in focusing on advocacy, but who are creating stories of action, hope, and resilience that should be an important part of ongoing conversations with lawmakers about their constituents’ work.

Thank you for the gift of the 2-5 minutes it will take to answer the 5-question survey below.

Can’t commit to the Phase I timeline, but definitely want the reading and viewing list?  Respond accordingly, and we’ll make sure you get it!