Appeal from the director.

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Every winter I am reminded how visceral my need for light is.  Through seasonal gatherings, I am also reminded how vital the support of a hopeful, active community is to me.

In climate change work, Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light is that hopeful gathering place.  We do not need to toil away lit by just our own small spark of hope.  Knowing that there are others – nearby and across a map-fold from us – responding to climate change specifically as people of faith allows us to do much more.   Yes, we give each other practical help – but when the sparks from our individual efforts join to shed a greater light, we gain deeper spiritual encouragement as well.

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What are we up to? 
I’m asking you to donate, but don’t give blindly.   Read on to catch a glimpse of PA IPL’s current work and be inspired to increase your gift this year.  [paypal-donation purpose=”PAIPL 2013 Appeal”]

Put your donation on overdrive.


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Want to donate more than your checkbook says you can?   Anyone can turn the donation dial from “whippet” to “mastiff.” Here are five ways to give your donation more muscle:

  1. Tell a friend about PA IPL, about your deep concerns about climate change and about your path, and invite your friend to donate, too.
  2. Involve your congregation.  We’ll help.  A generous matching grant from the national IPL will effectively double congregational contributions of $250 or more.  The challenge is good both for direct contributions, and for directed donations by congregants (does your congregation call these “second collections”?).  We’ll only get the grant if we raise the match!
  3. Hold a house partyinvite friends to join you for a small event (dinner party at your house, game night, hike-and-hot-cider, and ask them to make a contribution to Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light instead of bringing a host gift.  Earth Hour (generally the 4th Saturday in March) is a great excuse for a party!  Reach out to see if someone from PA IPL might be available to join the party and make the (very soft) ask…. or go super-simple and designate PA IPL as your preferred birthday/anniversary/retirement gift.
  4. Help expand our successful Bike Trip program with a local solidarity ride of any length.  These will connect riders with congregations and elected leaders, supporting the efforts of our annual trip from State College to Washington, DC.   We’re actively looking for someone (or a group of someones) who will help organize local rides.  The rides are fun, and hopeful, and we want to give more individuals, congregations, and communities the chance to participate.  Do help us connect with the right people to make it happen!
  5. Finally, consider a multi-year pledge or, the next time you donate, an automatic recurring donation.  These kinds of donations help create a predictable financial base that is invaluable to our budgeting and planning. 

Donate Now

Turn $10 into $20!

A generous donor gave the national office of IPL a challenge this week: raise $5000 quickly, and he’ll donate $5000.  Please support national Interfaith Power & Light with a quick donation.  It can be small — skip a lunch out and donate that — you’ll be twice as generous as you think you are.

The national office of Interfaith Power & Light supports state work with materials, and a network of state leaders across the country.  I can’t tell you how important it is to be able to draw on that network!  The most tangible way the national office supports our work is by winning large-scale grants which they use to fund matching “regrants.”  PA IPL received a generous seed grant to get started, and 2014 will be our third time to receive funding for a matching grant.   We depend on your support, but this is a chance for us to send a little love back up the chain from PA!