Now Available: Video of Main Line IPL Chapter’s January 23rd Program!

What Does the Climate Crisis Mean for Local Streams & Rivers?

For our January 23rd program, we join Lauren McGrath, Director of the Watershed Protection Program at Willistown Conservation Trust, to explore the impact of climate change on waterways, learn more about the connection between land and water, and identify how individuals can build climate resilience in their communities. What does the climate crisis mean for local streams and rivers? How does human activity on the landscape impact stream habitat?

Found 20 miles west of Philadelphia, Willistown Conservation Trust focuses on 28,000 acres within the watersheds of Ridley, Crum, and Darby Creeks of Chester and Delaware Counties. Since 1996, the Trust has helped to permanently conserve over 7,500 acres, including three nature preserves open to the public: Ashbridge Preserve, Kirkwood Preserve, and Rushton Woods Preserve, which is home to Rushton Conservation Center and Rushton Farm. The Trust offers six renowned programs for public engagement and research: the Bird Conservation, Community Farm, Education and Outreach, Land Protection, Stewardship, and Watershed Protection Programs.

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