End profiteering: break the unholy links between race, prison, toxics, and power.

JacquiPPlenary panelist Jacqueline Patterson’s remarks at Climate Justice: Faith in Action, PA IPL’s annual conference held on October 26, 2014 at Summit Presbyterian Church.  

 In my work throughout the country, I see circumstances of compounded structural challenges, particularly for communities of color and low income communities. The drivers and impacts of the climate crisis are in the context of the drivers and the impacts of a broad set of social, political, economic inequities largely driven by the same systemic aim to concentrate power and wealth in the hands of a privileged few.

Three weeks ago, I was in St. Louis to give a talk on place based inequities in the context of the murder of Michael Brown. As part of a tour, I drove through Ferguson in the middle of a downpour and noted how poor the drainage system was, as water pooled in the street Continue reading End profiteering: break the unholy links between race, prison, toxics, and power.

Bill McKibben: Wind in our sails.

Bill McKibben gave us permission to share the video message he prepared for PA IPL’s 2014 conference Climate Justice: Faith in Action.

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[*editor’s note: I have not been able to track down the author of this “Prezi” but the information and dates match with several publicly available sources]