WAYNE-Main Line Faith Institutions Collaborate to Address Climate Change

Location: Central Baptist Church, 108 West Wayne Ave., Wayne, PA 19087 (across from Wayne post office)
Time: 7:00-8:30 PM

Please join Executive Director Rev. Alison Cornish of PA IPL and Main Line worshiping communities in a meeting to share information, be informed, explore opportunities for collaboration beyond the walls of our own faith institutions, and be a collective voice for communities of faith concerned about climate change and other environmental desecrations.

Main Line worshiping communities have implemented projects to educate individuals and institutions about climate change and address the moral imperative of creation care. Some of these faith communities have galvanized into groups, such as MainLine Interfaith Green Group (M.I.G.G.) and Earth Care Collaborative. These collaboratives reach more people and tap into the knowledge and experience of communities that have undertaken environmental initiatives and programming. Recently, multiple Main Line faith communities initiated a starting point for a more structured and effective way to bring about change in our places of worship, municipalities, and the broader community.

Download a flyer and share this invitation with all communities of faith you know!

Light refreshments will be served.