potential Clean Energy Leaders learning call: evening option

Join Cricket from PA IPL and Michael from our clean energy partner Groundswell to learn more about how this initiative works.   There is another chance to attend (the same call) on July 28 from 12-1 if that works better for you or a partner from your congregation.

RSVP with an email to Cricket, and she’ll send you the link and test it out with you!

We joined with Groundswell because they are also a registered non-profit, and they don’t work with just one supplier.  They gather interested households (or congregations, organizations, and small businesses) into large groups and use the buying power of those groups to negotiate with clean energy suppliers for good rates on 100% wind-generated electricity.  In the last bidding round, one service area in PA ended up with an offer that was less expensive deal than the Price to Compare for regular, dirty electricity!  Typically, regions save 5-10% over the cost of buying 100% wind power as an individual.

Groundswell ONLY negotiates for fixed-price contracts, and participants have the peace of mind of knowing that energy contract specialists have looked through the contracts — and that they’re being offered by someone looking to move more people off coal rather than someone who wants to make $ first and foremost.

We’ll help with bulletin inserts, coaching, and we’ll always be your backup if you get questions you don’t feel qualified to answer.  You can have a HUGE impact — join us for the call!

Why PA IPL Joined with Groundswell
As people of faith, we readily respond to urgent need: famine, natural disaster, and refugees fleeing violence.   Climate change worsens all of these.

With this partnership, we can join together to plug into affordable, fixed-price, clean electricity, better stewarding all kinds of resources.

By choosing clean electricity, we invest in clean air.
Existing power plant pollution has real impacts on the health of local citizens. Pennsylvania ranks worst in deaths and hospital admissions linked to power plant emissions. Many PA areas have worse air quality than New York City!

CleanAirTaskForce.PAThe burden of cheap, polluting electricity falls most heavily on the most vulnerable. Median per-capita income in US counties with coal-fired power plants* was 15% lower than the national average in 2000.
[*100 MW or larger]
Dirty air hurts infants, children, and elders.
Help us plug into CLEAN!