Tell your Senators Climate Can’t Wait!

Please take a moment to write to your Senators. Below is the template email to your members of Congress. Feel free to edit the letter on the next page before you send it, personalized letters are more effective.

Dear Senator,
As a person of faith and conscience, I believe that leaving a safe and thriving world to the next generation is a moral imperative. Climate change threatens the very life support systems that the planet provides. The issue could not be more urgent and we must invest now to shift off of fossil fuels and move rapidly to a clean energy economy.
I urge you to support big, bold investments in renewable energy, clean vehicles, environmental justice, and climate resilience by passing climate and clean energy investments through reconciliation. These investments will go a long way toward protecting our climate and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure to meet the demands of a 21st century economy. It will also invest in rebuilding communities that have borne the brunt of pollution for too long.
Congress has a historic opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Americans for generations to come. Please support the important climate elements of the budget reconciliation bill that will protect our world and secure a more just and prosperous future for all people.
[Your Name]

Let’s raise our collective voices and ensure our elected leaders get the $550 billion in climate and clean energy investments across the finish line. Email your senators and urge them to #GetClimateDone.

Now Available: Video of Main Line IPL Chapter’s May 23rd Program!

The Clean Energy Co-op

For our May 23rd program, Joy Baxter presents about The Clean Energy Co-op’s support of local solar projects. This presentation is a follow-up to last month’s program: Ron Celentano’s PA Solar Update.

In the Spring of 2021 a new finance option for nonprofits and community businesses looking to install solar became available in the Greater Philadelphia area. The Clean Energy Co-op supports local solar energy projects that benefit our community through a pooled funding approach. The proven and awarded model has helped nonprofits and community businesses ‘go solar’ through the investments of co-op members. Co-op members engage in socially conscious investing to enable the development of solar installations. Membership is attractive to residents that are not able to install solar on their own home or want to make a difference in their community. In addition to helping to finance solar installations, The Clean Energy Co-op educates nonprofits, especially Houses of Worship on all financing options for going solar.


Joy Baxter is a trained Creation Care Ambassador for Blessed Tomorrow and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. She is chair of the Green Team of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Ardmore, co-chair of the Haverford Township Environmental Advisory Committee and chair of the Southeast PA chapter of the Clean Energy Co-op that develops renewable energy installations through local community investment. Joy has used her background in engineering to bring a fresh analysis and solutions. We are grateful to Joy Baxter for presenting this program.


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Transformations: Reaching for “Energy Independence”

The Reality under the Mirage

PA IPL would like to announce Patricia DeMarco, Ph.D.’s “Transformations” blog post for Earth Day and International Workers Day. It is framed on “Energy Independence”.

The full article with data is linked below. Here are some short excerpts:

Even as the calls of alarm for the rapid pace of global warming become more urgent, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has become the latest excuse to defer the energy system transformation to a renewable base. As long as the U.S. participates in an international marketplace where the price of the commodity is determined by global geo-political forces, the concept of energy independence has no real meaning.

The political will to move the legal and regulatory infrastructure to support this goal has not been mobilized, even though most Americans see climate change as an important issue.  People fear the loss of jobs in the energy sector, without recognizing that the skills and capabilities of workers in this sector are readily transferable to the clean energy economy.

It is time to recognize the reality of our interdependence as human species to preserve the biodiversity of the planet and to restore the health of the ecosystems we depend on for our survival. Fresh water, clean air, and fertile ground support life on Earth as we know it. If we continue on this path, driven by greed and adherence to a fossil fueled economy, we will destroy ourselves, and all of the living Earth.

Read the full article here:
Reaching “Energy Independence” The Reality Under the Mirage

As we enter an election cycle this year, keep the existential crisis of climate change in mind.  Ask your candidates their position. Vote for our survival.
Live in harmony with nature

Patricia M. DeMarco, Ph.D.
Author: “Pathways to Our Sustainable Future-  Global Perspective from Pittsburgh”