HARRISBURG – George Lakey, Viking Economics author presentation at Midtown Scholar Bookstore


This talk will now be offered at 3:00 AND at 6:00
Author talk:
How the Scandinavians got it right — and how we can, too
by George Lakey
Melville House Publishers, NY and London, 2016

George Lakey is a member of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, and a climate justice activist… and Bill McKibben called his book “Completely fascinating”

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Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are pace-setters in responding to the climate crisis.  Copenhagen aims to be carbon neutral by 2025; the Church of Sweden fully divested from fossil fuels two years ago.  Norway bests the world in electric cars and bicycle highways.

The four countries are at the top of the international charts in equality, individual freedom, accountable police and low crime.  Their economies are marked by a powerful co-op sector. They provide free higher education, health care, and good pensions for all. Only Norway struck it rich in oil. What’s their secret?

MORE ABOUT THE BOOK from Midtown Scholar’s community calendar:

In this book a retired Swarthmore College professor who has lived and worked in Norway tells an uplifting story. What economists call “the Nordic model” puts Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden at the top tier of international ratings. That includes education, abundance of jobs, health care, and security for all people. Only Norway found substantial oil. All four Nordics were nimble in bouncing back from the 2008 crisis that still bedevils Europe and the U.S.

The book tells a human story: what is it like to be a professional in Norway, or a parent or student or worker or entrepreneur or farmer or retired person or immigrant? …

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Book Discussion Study Group: Reinventing Fire

We’ll gather virtually on six consecutive Tuesday evenings from 7:00-9:00 for a discussion of Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era, physicist Amory Lovins’ book that looks at how the United States could move almost entirely to renewable energy.

Please RSVP for the dial-in information.  DATES: 8/11, 8/18, 8/25, 9/1, 9/8, 9/15  (join as you are able — we’ll be summarizing and discussion one section each week).

More about Reinventing Fire at the Rocky Mountain Institute


St. Francis and the “universal house”

 This post by board member (and past president) Sylvia Neely first appeared on the Creation Corner page of  the Episcopal Church in Central Pennsylvania’s website.1913244_10106188579394174_2017794221_o

Some years ago, I was a member of a group at my church that got together to discuss environmental issues.  We read and discussed a book that somebody had recommended that I truly disliked.  Environmental questions were presented as cultural questions that required us to rethink the way we lived and that especially extolled eastern and Native American spiritual values.  I kept protesting to the group that we surely had strong Christian traditions that would help guide us to a better way of living in God’s creation.  Several years later, another group at the same church read a book that exemplified what I was looking for.

CareForCreationcoverThe book is entitled Care for Creation:  A Franciscan Spirituality of the Earth.  Two of the authors are steeped in Franciscan learning.  Ilia Delio, O.S.F., is a professor and author.  Keith Douglass Warner, O.F.M., teaches in an interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Institute.  The third author, Pamela Wood, is a retreat facilitator whose expertise provides a strong practical side to the book.  So the book, though challenging at times, balanced a strong understanding of science with a wonderful expression of Franciscan spirituality and the way to incorporate it into one’s life.

For me, one of the most important concepts discussed in the book was Continue reading St. Francis and the “universal house”