Environmental Justice and Human Resilience: PA IPL 2022 Annual Conference

Join PA IPL for our 2022 Annual Conference: Environmental Justice and Human Resilience.

The Conference this year has an Environmental Justice theme and will be live and in-person. There will be two workshops each in four regions of PA: Philadelphia (Southeastern PA), Scranton (Northeastern PA), Lancaster (Central PA), and Pittsburgh (Western PA).

While the Conference will take place on Sunday, November 13 from 1:00 – 4:15pm, the Keynote Address by Dr. Joylette Portlock, Executive Director of Sustainable Pittsburgh, will be recorded and attendees will be able to access the video at their leisure after it’s over.

PA IPL’s 2022 Annual Conference Environmental Justice and Human Resilience will open with a virtual keynote address & response panel session broadcast across PA, which will be followed by two workshops in each of our four in-person locations: Philadelphia (SE PA), Scranton (NE PA), Lancaster (Central PA), and Pittsburgh (SW PA). There will be breaks, with refreshments, between the sessions at the in-person locations.

The Keynote Session, 1:00 – 1:50pm, will feature Dr. Joylette Portlock, Executive Director of Sustainable Pittsburgh, as our keynote speaker. We are currently confirming two panelists, one from the Philadelphia region, and one from either the Scranton or Lancaster regions, to respond to Dr. Portlock’s address. The three speakers, together, will respond to questions from the audience after their individual presentations.

Workshop Session 1, 2:00 – 2:50pm, and Workshop Session 2, 3:00 – 3:50pm, will occur at each in-person location and will feature expert speakers from the particular region on relevant regional topics. The topics we will explore include:

    • Faith & Secular Community Organization Response to Environmental Justice: Successes & Challenges
    • Creation Care: Native Species, Watershed Protection, & Land Conservation
    • Climate Change Strategies at the Local & National Level: How to Make Each Opportunity More Effective & How Our Faith Can Bridge the Political Divide

A Reflection and short Refreshment Session will close the Annual Conference between 3:50pm – 4:15pm at each in-person location.


PA IPL Staff & Board Members look forward to connecting with you virtually or after the Workshops in your region on Sunday, November 13th.

Building Towards a Just Future: PA IPL 2021 Annual Conference

Join PA IPL for our 2021 Annual Conference: Building Towards a Just Future.

The Conference this year has a Climate Justice theme and will be virtual. It will focus on three regions in PA: Harrisburg (Central PA), Philadelphia (Eastern PA), and Pittsburgh (Western PA).

While live viewing will be Sunday, November 14, from 12:00pm – 5:00pm, the Conference will be recorded, presentation slides will be available, and attendees will be able to access videos from all three regions at their leisure after it’s over.


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This Statewide Annual Conference will be statewide in a whole new way.

We will gather in person in Scranton, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh for The Long Journey: From Extracting the Past to Cultivating a Future.  Our three sites will share a fantastic keynote speaker, and each will have live, locally-focused workshops.

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2018 Annual Conference — Facing the Climate Crisis: Called to Save our Common Home

REGISTER NOW: Saturday, October 27, 2018, 11:30-4:30, Pittsburgh  Doors open at 11 for lunch, registration, a faith-full Green Fair, and more!

FULL INFO and registration.

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Facing the Climate Crisis: Called to Save Our Sacred Home is being generously hosted by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 1066 Washington Road,  Mt. Lebanon, PA 15228  We have a wonderful set of keynote speakers and workshop leaders.

Bulletin inserts, fliers to post, and blurbs for online calendars and electronic newsletters are ready for September and October publications and worship publications!

We value the richness of interfaith work, with all its challenges. We recognize that events will take place on days which conflict with some religious practices. Following 4 years of Sunday afternoon conferences, this conference will be on a Saturday, but we are working with partners to announce a nearby Shabbat service for Jewish friends and members whose practice will allow them to participate in a faith-rooted conference following Saturday morning services. We will continue to strive to offer a mix of Saturday, Sunday, and weeknight events in the future. We hope you will join us whenever you are able. 

2018 conference page.
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2017 Annual Conference—Gratitude, Lament & Renewal: walking faithfully in a time of climate disruption


Begin your participation NOW!
We’re building a gallery of walking sticks, made by congregations and communities.
Get a one-pager with these directions.

Walking sticks or staffs often signify wisdom or power.  More practically, they may provide balance, support, navigation through rough terrain; grounding, help, even protection. We need all these things as we journey forward on this bumpy path.

And so: we are creating a gallery of walking sticks, conceived of and made by YOU!  Gather with another person or a small crowd from your congregation or community and begin imagining, planning, and creating now!   

In the stories shared by the Abrahamic traditions, Moses’ staff was used to draw water from a rock and to part the Red Sea.  Walking staffs may be made of single, strong element, or by tightly binding elements that would be too weak or too sharp alone.  Where do you see staffs in your religious tradition? What words or images give you strength?  How might you share those on, in, or through a staff?

Walking Sticks image searchA search for walking sticks, hiking sticks, canes, and wizard staffs on Etsy, Ebay, Pinterest and Google Images will give you amazing visual launching points – you’ll find everything from Yoda and movie wizards, to art-carved hiking sticks, to practical hiking sticks inscribed with memorials or words of strength, and simple sticks scarred by their adventures — or  ornamented with markers of the places they’ve traveled.

Your staff should be meaningful and faith-and-wisdom rooted. It doesn’t have to be postcard pretty or ADA approved! Size and materials are limited to something you can bring with you or mail to us. We will pay postage on standard postage tubes.

Let us know it’s coming!
We want to prepare a place and have a label ready for your contribution to our gallery.  We’ll ask for the name of your congregation and religious tradition(s), for a brief description or interpretive note, and for a photo of the participants (names optional).  You may title your work of art if you are so moved!

logo square Gratitude, Lament & Renewal-Mark your calendar for October 29, and come to the conference!  You’ll leave inspired, energized, and newly connected with other Pennsylvanians who are reaching out in faith to act on climate change.  You’ll add new skills and ideas to your toolbox for adapting for your own work and contexts — we hope in collaboration with PA IPL.  We’re totally excited.  Don’t miss it.  Gather a van-full of registrants from your area and let us know as soon as you can — we’ll apply for transportation funding for your group.

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This year Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light’s statewide annual conference is in State College.  The conference will feature faith resources (and national-level speakers) from a variety of faith traditions, and will lift up themes we find in many traditions.  Gratitude, Lament & Renewal: Walking Faithfully in a Time of Climate Disruption, will be held on Sunday, October 29th, from 1:30 – 5:30 pm at The Church of the Good Shepherd in Gray’s Woods.  Registration and more information about the conference is available at https://paipl.us/what-do-we-do/annual-meeting/

If you add this QR code to printed announcements, folks can use their phones to get directly to the conference page on our website.   (The QR code will still work if you shrink it or resize it, just be sure to keep it square.)

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