Sunday Service: Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Centre County

Dorothy Blair, member of the UUFCC and one of PA IPL’s  PA-to-DC cyclists this spring is organizing Sunday’s service.  Janet Swim, Jon Brockopp, and Jason Whitney will offer reflections, as will Cricket Hunter.  Molly Hunter will be in attendance as well (as will 2013 rider, David Hunter)

Bike 2014.3

guest blogger: Dorothy Blair Seven a.m. found the PA IPL climate change riders pulling themselves up wearily from their sleeping bags and air mattresses, placed the night before on the hardwood floor of the Methodist Community Center. Just in time to get to an 8 a.m. service at pastor Ed Seeley’s Orbisonia United Methodist Church, and also to devour … Continue reading Bike 2014.3

The PA-to-DC Bike Trip

This amazing project has included cyclists from 12-72 — and has always included people who are most at home on a bike, and people who had previously commuted on a bike, or ridden one as a way to get out and get exercise with friends. It has included committed road cyclists and mountain bikers who … Continue reading The PA-to-DC Bike Trip