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Special Feature

image1170EARTH: The Operators’ Manual, featuring 2012 Annual Meeting keynote speaker Prof. Richard Alley.

Earth: The Operators’ Manual “presents an objective, accessible assessment of the Earth’s problems and possibilities that will leave viewers informed, energized and optimistic.”

Hold a viewing party at your house of worship –– or a neighborhood viewing in your home! Contact us at or 814-876-2597 for help organizing a viewing.
Program host and author of the companion book Richard Alley is geology professor at Penn State, member of the National Academy of Sciences, and a communicator once called “the Woody Allen of climate change.” In the trailer, Dr. Alley describes himself as a Republican who goes to church every Sunday.image11841

By special arrangement with Passport to Knowledge, we can help you with a free download of the entire film to show at your event. That means you can preview right now, and you can schedule your screening in the best gathering place, even if it doesn’t have reliable Internet access.

More Great Films

PA IPL has copies of these DVDs available for use in congregations.



Awarded the “Best of Fest” at the Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival, “Renewal” offers a comprehensive overview of what different religions are doing about the devastation of Earth’s life systems now taking place. Includes sections on coal mining, greening congregations and the Interfaith Power & Light campaign that can be viewed all 90 minutes at once or in 10-minute sections (also available at$19.95). Discussion and screening guides for Renewal available here.


image12551This 20-minute film delivers a series of core messages developed and articulated by the Rev. Sally Bingham about environmental stewardship in general, and combating global warming in particular. This engaging film will inform and inspire congregation members and help religious leaders and stewardship committees create a meaningful experience as they learn what they can do to reduce production of greenhouse gases, save energy (and money) and become better stewards of God’s Creation (also available from IPL; $15).


image12561Produced by WPSU (a PBS affiliate) and the Rock Ethics Institute, this 10-minute film reviews the current state of scientific understanding about the human influences on climate change through straightforward explanations by top geological, meteorological, and geographic scientists (such as Richard Alley) working on climate related research at The Pennsylvania State University (also available free and on-line from the Rock Ethics Institute).

(Faith Version, 2006)

image12771Keanu Reeves and Alanis Morissette narrate a visually stunning film that details the human toll of climate change around the world, as well as our human responsibility to care for God’s creation. The Faith Version includes interviews with Christian evangelicals Richard Cizik and Matthew Sleeth, and African American pastor Gerald Durley.


(2006, 50 minutes)

image12811A primer on global warming, this HBO documentary (2006) features contributions from leading scientists in the field. In addition to in-depth discussions of such subjects as the greenhouse effect, hurricanes, snowpack, hybrid vehicles and alternative power, the film shows how businesses, local governments and citizens are taking positive actions to reduce global warming emissions.

(2007, 90 minutes)

image12791Produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, this film explains the desperate need for action to address the effects of climate change, and offers hope that crisis may still be averted. DVD features includes Religious Perspectives, with commentaries by a Jewish, Christian, and Muslim leaders.

Digital Videos

Co-produced by the Redford Center and Alpheus Media, in partnership with The Regeneration Project’s Interfaith Power & Light campaign, COVENANT is a 10-minute film about people of faith from diverse religious traditions coming together to fight for clean air. In 2006, 19 conventional coal-fired power plants were proposed to be built in Texas and were being fast-tracked by the Governor.

Covenant illuminates how a handful of religious leaders — The Rev. Canon Sally Bingham (President, The Regeneration Project’s Interfaith Power & Light Campaign), Mary Darden (Baptist Deacon), Rabbi Steve Folberg, Bee Moorhead (Director, Texas Interfaith Power & Light), Texas State Representative Charles “Doc” Anderson, and Suzii Paynter (Director, Christian Life Commission, Baptist General Convention of Texas) — put their faith into action and helped organize a grassroots movement that eventually led to a reduction in proposed plants, which went from 19 down to 11.

Covenant from Alpheus Media on Vimeo.

Cool Harvest will help educate congregations on the connections between food production and climate change; it is available for only 15 dollars from National Interfaith Power & Light.

Worldwide, about one-fifth of global warming pollution comes from the food industry. That’s more than from all transportation combined. “When we think about global warming, we think about transportation, we think about how we heat our houses, but in fact, how we eat has just as big an impact on climate change,” said author Michael Pollan, in the filmNourish, a DVD of which is included in your kit, along with many other useful tools. Check out the trailer!

The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world.

Our partners at GreenFaith have also developed these wonderful study guides for Christian and Jewish teens.

Other Materials

Whether you are planning a workshop, a presentation, or just need to know how to get a Green Team started in your congregation, PA IPL can help you find the materials you need. We have broad experience in many related areas and can find information quickly and efficiently. Just contact us to get started.