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Books from PA IPL

PA IPL has a wide variety of print materials available, including our brochure.  Our ethical analysis of Marcellus Shale gas drilling is available here, and we have copies of the following books to help you start conversations with your congregation or other group on religion, ethics and climate change.

7 Simple Steps to Green Your Church

by Rebekah Simon-Peter (2010)

This short handbook takes churches, step by step, through the process of becoming more environmentally friendly, with seven simple steps and twelve areas of focus in congregational life.

Burst: Green Church – Topics for Today’s Teens (Leader’s Guide)

By Tim Gossett (2010)

This resource for church youth draws on the work of Rev. Rebekah Simon-Peter, the author of 7 Simple Steps to Green Your Church, and teaches youth that caring for the environment—reducing waste, using less water and energy, making responsible use of resources, and so on—is an act of faith.

Tending to Eden: Environmental Stewardship for God’s People

by Scott C. Sabin (2010)

In this practical guide for creation care, Sabin offers theological foundations, practical strategies, case studies of contemporary ministry groups, along with a study guide for small-group use and a related Bible study. With the holistic tools provided in this innovative and practical resource, churches and organizations can transform lives, communities, and ministries.

50 Ways to Help Save the Earth: How You and Your Church Can Make a Difference

By Rebecca Barnes-Davies (2009)

This easy-to-follow book consists of seven chapters on topics related to global climate change, from energy and transportation, to wilderness and land planning, with action items, background material, success stories, and, scriptural references to help bridge the gap between what we believe and how we live.

Go Green, $ave Green: A Simple Guide to Saving Time, Money, and God’s Green Earth

By Nancy Sleeth (2009)

Sleeth demonstrates how going green helps people live more God-centered lives by becoming better stewards of financial and natural resources. She offers hundreds of simple, easy-to-implement money-saving tips for going green at home, at work, and at church. She also includes biblical quotes that support biblically mandated stewardship.

Care of Creation: Christian Voices on God, Humanity, and the Environment

Edited by Joseph Coleson (2010)

Coleson offers a biblical foundation and practical guidance about how Christians can personally exercise responsible care of God’s good creation. This book offers a biblical perspective; focuses on the care of those created in God’s image, including genetics, cloning, euthanasia, and human trafficking; and addresses environmental issues.

Greening Congregations Handbook: Stories, Ideas, and Resources for Cultivating Creation Awareness and Care in Your Congregation

Compiled and edited by Tanya Marcovna Barnett, for Earth Ministry (2002)

This Handbook is a “tool box” that helps congregations develop an enduring, creation-honoring focus within all dimensions of congregational life, including Worship and Education, Facilities and Institutional Life, Community Outreach, and Denominational, Ecumenical and Interfaith Partnerships.

Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet

By Ibrahim Abdul-Matin

In this groundbreaking book, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin draws on research, scripture, and interviews with Muslim Americans to trace humankind’s collective role as stewards of the Earth. Abdul-Matin points out that the Prophet Muhammad declared that “the Earth is a mosque,” and offers dozens of examples of how Muslims can follow, and already are following, a Green Deen, or path, in four areas: “waste, watts (energy), water, and food.


Ten Commandments for the Environment: Pope Benedict XVI Speaks Out for Creation and Justice

By Woodeene Koenig-Bricker

Drawing on the Pope’s teachings on creation and environmental responsibility, this volume reflects an understanding of the science behind the current crisis and offers a hopeful vision of a sustainable future.

Visit Interfaith Power & Light for more books that specifically address energy conservation and efficiency.

Other Materials

Whether you are planning a workshop, a presentation, or just need to know how to get a Green Team started in your congregation, PA IPL can help you find the materials you need. We have broad experience in many related areas and can find information quickly and efficiently. Just contact us to get started.