“listening sessions” – Sylvia Neely

Sylvia Neely photoToday, the EPA held a “listening session” in Philadelphia at which EPA officials heard statements about the proposal to create standards for existing power plants to limit carbon pollution by anyone who registered for a 3-minute slot.  These listening sessions were scheduled in 11 cities across the US.  

Several PA IPL leaders read statements, or wrote statements that were read for them.  Another faith leader, Rev. Mitch Hescox of Evangelical Environmental Network was the first speaker today.   We’ll post these as they come in.  

Below is former Board President Sylvia Neely’s statement.  Use this form to submit your own comments to the EPA.   

I am a on the board of Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light and a member of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in State College, PA.  I lead a program called Weatherization First, that brings teams from congregations to weatherize homes of low-income families.  I also give classes on how to reduce household energy use and help people reduce their fuel bills.  We are working in our community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but we need state and national standards to help us in this work.  We are concerned about what future generations will suffer because of climate change.

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Thanks, ACE Hardware and the State College community

ACE Hardware of State College hosted the Weatherization First project of PA IPL for a fundraiser on SaturACE.locallogoday, October 19, and discounted weatherization supplies by 10% for PA IPL and the DIY folks who came in that day.

Generous donations from community members totaled  $260 in ACE gift cards, $311 in cash and checks, and 38 weatherization items donated, which congregational and community teams will put to excellent use!