Invite everyone, but don’t wait, Part 2.

Check back here for a one-a-day series of actions and solutions from now until 12/11, while the international climate talks (COP 21) are going on in Paris. Today’s post shows how a small group can act meaningfully within a congregation before the whole congregation is fully and enthusiastically engaged, and how that engaged action can grow the “choir”.  It … Continue reading Invite everyone, but don’t wait, Part 2.

Pollution and climate change are costly.

Alan Eccleston and Linda Harris are friends and supporters of PA IPL, and members of the Voluntary Carbon Tax Witness group in their Friends’ Meeting.  They sent their comments to be read in Pittsburgh.  Remarks by PA IPL supporters are published on this blog alongside PA IPL’s official remarks.  We strongly support the proposed regulations to reduce greenhouse gas … Continue reading Pollution and climate change are costly.

What We Do

Hover over “What We Do” in the menu to see more options! Download program slips about PA IPL’s work general Creation Care color b/w Sustained Advocacy color b/w Energy Efficiency & Emissions color b/w A Time To Build Up color b/w Climate Change and Religious Values — a page of diverse quotes compiled by Interfaith Power … Continue reading What We Do