Buddhist Environmental Approaches in a Global Context

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Now Available: Video of Exploring Religion & Environment Series – Session 6: Buddhism

Exploring Religion & Environment Series – Session 6: Buddhism (March 14, 2024)

In this conversation, we explore Buddhist tradition. Bhante Pemaratana of the Pittsburgh Buddhist Center and Cleveland Buddhist Vihara shares a short presentation titled, “Caring for All Life: How to recognize the value of all forms of lives and the greater responsibility of human beings for the wellbeing of whole ecosystem.” George Hoguet of the Earth Holder Community and the Order of Interbeing shares reflections on “The Way Out Is In: When we stop, go into our inner stillness and look deeply, we can awaken to the reality of Interbeing, awaken beyond environmentalism and the illusion that we are separate from the Earth, from other species and from one another, and discover instead Right View (of relationship) from which flows all Right Thoughts & Right Actions to heal our precious planet.”

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