Now Available: Video of PA IPL Environmental Education Series – April 2023

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Let’s Celebrate! Tree Planting & Maintenance

PA IPL 2022-23 Environmental Education Series: Caring for Creation
October 2022 through June 2023

March 31, 2023

Let’s Celebrate! Tree Planting & Maintenance

It’s almost planting season! Do you have plans for your garden? Here at PA IPL a big planting effort is underway, and we want you to be part of it.

PA IPL received requests for over 25,000 trees this Spring! We are excited to partner with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to deliver as many of these requests as possible. Watch this virtual celebration from March 31st as we learn

  • about the importance of planting native trees
  • how to plant & maintain trees you receive
  • and a little more about the mission to plant 10 million trees in PA by 2025

Our speakers include PA IPL’s own Volunteer Creation Care Coordinator Greg Williams, Harry Campbell from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and Monte Garber from the Stroud Water Research Center.

PA IPL is offering a virtual Environmental Education Series that is generously funded by the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The programs will be offered virtually along with our partner, First United Methodist Church of Germantown (FUMCOG), and will be available to all of our members through this new, virtual environmental education series, Caring for Creation with PA IPL. Please join us during your lunch hour on First Fridays.

Katie Ruth (host): Katie connects humans to the planet, each other, and themselves. As Executive Director at Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light, they are responsible for supporting a volunteer board and small team of staff in cultivating a moral response to climate change that is interfaith, inclusive, and intentional. They hold an MA in Public Leadership, and a BA in Christian theology. Katie is focused on facilitating partnerships between individuals and institutions to promote social change and build community. They are passionate about peacemaking and justice, rooted in their deep connection to the environment. Their career spans a variety of experience in nonprofit administration, grassroots organizing and outreach, and faith-based community services. Katie is involved in several community resilience projects including environmental organizing, safe shelter, and the arts. They are an avid reader, enjoy exploring new places, and are almost always found with a cup of tea in hand.

Greg Williams (speaker): Greg Williams was a classroom teacher, environmental educator, and administrator during 30 years of his working life. He loved teaching kids about the natural world and how to care for it. At retirement age, as he was selling his used bookstore in NW Philadelphia, he was able to help with childcare for his young granddaughter Talula. However, he was heartbroken to think of the world that she, and all the kids he taught, would inherit and felt he needed to take on a “retirement job” of doing something about climate change. After schooling himself and studying what the possibilities were, his first step was to join a neighborhood group of Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light. Over the last 9 years he served on the Board and found his “calling. ” When he moved to Central PA to be close to other grandchildren he started doing creation care by removing “misplaced” plants, AKA non-native invasives, and replacing them with natives. With hundreds of volunteers, and through a partnership between PA IPL and Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the collaborative effort has resulted in nearly 35,000 trees being planted or distributed to others who plant them across Pennsylvania. He especially loves the spiritual exercise of being in the natural world and alert and aware of all the wonders he finds there and is grateful for this opportunity.

Harry Campbell (speaker): Currently the Director of Science Policy & Advocacy in the Pennsylvania office of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (PACBF). He is a respected resource on technical, policy, and science issues and leads CBF’s clean water efforts in Pennsylvania – including all policy, advocacy, and restoration efforts. Prior to being named to his current position, he spent nearly eight years as the Executive Director of PACBF. Mr. Campbell has over twenty years of experience in academic, governmental, private, and nonprofit sectors focused on watershed assessment, restoration and protection science, policy, and advocacy. He is a frequent guest lecturer, panelist, and interviewee in traditional and nontraditional media. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Resource Management and a master’s in environmental Pollution Control with an emphasis in organic chemistry and ecotoxicity from the Pennsylvania State University.

Monte Garber (speaker): Lamonte Garber is an experienced conservation professional with decades of achievement in agricultural water quality protection and natural habitat restoration. He coordinates projects which strengthen the environmental performance and economic sustainability of agricultural producers and rural landowners in Pennsylvania. Garber uses a broad suite of tools in his work, including outreach, fundraising, media, project coordination, and on-farm assistance.

Kristen Cooney (moderator): Kristen holds a B.A. in Art and Art History, Environmental Studies, and a minor in Museum Studies from Ursinus College. In her time there she also completed an honors thesis on urban forests and food insecurity in New York City using GIS. Kristen is an interdisciplinary wildlife photographer, artist, conservationist, and Pennsylvania Master Naturalist that actively collaborates with local arts and conservation oriented organizations. She currently works as the Schuylkill Action Network Fellow working to protect and promote the waters and habitats of the Schuylkill River Watershed in Eastern Pennsylvania. She is excited to combine her faith-based efforts with environmental ones by supporting PA IPL’s work!

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