Now Available: Video of August 17 Meeting in Partnership with JEA!

Soot with PA IPL & JEA

This meeting, recorded Wednesday, August 17, 2022, is part of PA IPL‘s ongoing partnership with Jewish Earth Alliance (JEA).


Christopher D. Ahlers, Staff Attorney for the Clean Air Council

This joint session with JEA focuses on how the current standards for the deadly and dangerous particulate matter pollution, or soot, set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are outdated and insufficient. It’s time for the EPA to update these pollution limits to the strongest science-based standards to ensure cleaner air for families, advance environmental justice, and protect public health and the climate. At this meeting Christopher D. Ahlers, Staff Attorney for the Clean Air Council, will give us an overview of what particulate matter pollution—or soot—is, what causes it, and what individuals and businesses can do to reduce it. He will also discuss the recommendations for the revised standards.

JEA provides ongoing training and templates for monthly letter writing campaigns to local, state, and federal officials. The meetings provide a template, information, and guidance for all those who are interested in amplifying the message of Climate Justice.

Once you learn how easy Jewish Earth Alliance makes it, through their background information and template letter, for everyone to write letters to their federal officials, we hope you will write to your members of Congress now and for the next few months.