Now Available: Video of April 20 Meeting in Partnership with JEA!

Clean Energy and Energy Independence with PA IPL & JEA

This meeting, recorded Wednesday, April 20, 2022, is part of PA IPL’s ongoing partnership with Jewish Earth Alliance (JEA).

Clean Energy and Energy Independence

This joint session with JEA focuses on how clean energy produced in the USA is the path to true energy independence. Katie Blume, Political Director of Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania, is our speaker. The war in the Ukraine has exposed how vulnerable we are by continuing to rely on imported dirty energy and the gas and oil companies are exploiting the current situation for their own profits. Katie talks about PA-wide and national efforts to help people understand we must quickly transition to clean energy and how to answer people who believe we must drill more gas and oil. She also discusses efforts to get clean energy initiatives in the Federal reconciliation bill.