Now Available: Video of PA IPL’s April 7th Quarterly Congregational Meeting

New Quarterly Congregational Meeting

Congregational and Institutional members of Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light are the foundation upon which our collective climate justice mission stands. These communities are our community and vice versa. Though we are spread across the state and come from many different faith traditions we are united in our belief that together our collective voice and actions address the real, moral, and pressing issues of climate change and that we as people of faith must take action and lead others towards a just and equitable transition toward a better future we describe as climate justice.

At this first Congregational Meeting, we meet in the spirit of this fellowship to reconnect, provide updates on upcoming opportunities, present our 2021 Visionary Award, and distribute our Congregational Toolkit. Opportunities include our upcoming annual bike and hike, hands on programs in creation care, chances to speak truth to power through advocacy, and for collaborative and funded projects in your congregation which can engage and benefit your community. In future meetings we would love to invite your congregation to share about the wonderful work each of you are doing on the ground in your communities.