Now Available: Video of Main Line IPL Chapter’s February 28th Program!

Carbon Dioxide Emission Inventory for a House of Worship with Chuck Marshall

For our February 28th program, Chuck Marshall of the Central Baptist Church in Wayne, PA presents how his church did an emission inventory of carbon dioxide as a baseline for measuring the effectiveness of future programs to control carbon dioxide emissions. Included in the emission inventory are vehicular emissions which can be equal to or exceed carbon dioxide emissions from stationary sources such as buildings. Potential emission reductions from measures to reduce or offset carbon dioxide emissions can then be evaluated and goals established for programs such as getting to zero carbon emissions.


Chuck Marshall was an environmental scientist for many years and worked for an environmental consulting firm doing projects for U.S. EPA and OSHA. He was responsible for obtaining grants for solar panels at his church, Central Baptist Church of Wayne, PA. He also managed his church’s program for getting to zero emissions by reducing and offsetting emissions. Chuck was an original board member for PA IPL and a co-founder of the Main Line Chapter of PA IPL. In Drexel University’s Environmental Management program where he obtained a masters degree, he was part of a team of graduate students who developed an emission inventory of the Philadelphia Airport.


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