What Climate Solutions We Have Achieved Globally, Nationally, & Within Pennsylvania

In Partnership with the Jewish Earth Alliance (JEA)

Join us Wednesday, November 17 at 7:00pm for a meeting as part of PA IPL‘s ongoing partnership with Jewish Earth Alliance (JEA).

What Climate Solutions We Have Achieved Globally, Nationally, and Within Pennsylvania

National and International updates from Jonathan Lacock-Nisly, Director of Faithful Advocacy for Interfaith Power & Light (DC.MD.NoVA)
Pennsylvania updates from Flora Cardoni, Field Director for PennEnvironment
Spiritual offering by Marci Wilf, Middot/character instructor, speaking on gratitude

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We also encourage everyone to write thank you notes to Casey and their representative if they voted for BBB/infrastructure. We will be writing letters in the meeting as well. If you need help on how to call or email them and what to say, please contact Phyllis for assistance.

Please submit your letters directly to Phyllis as attachments to your email message. We will deliver them by email directly to the appropriate staffer.

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We hope to see you on November 17th at 7:00pm!