PA IPL Sign-On: Letter to Kerry- Climate Finance action

In recent news reports, it was announced that John Kerry, Special Envoy for Climate to U.S. President Joe Biden, has been engaging with private banks about mobilizing to confront the climate crisis.

The letter also outlines key commitments needed to ensure the climate targets and announcements of financial institutions are aligned with the Paris Agreement and principles of climate justice, including the upholding of the rights of Indigenous peoples.

The deadline for sign-on was Wednesday, March 24 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT  and we wanted to let you know that PA IPL was one of the groups to sign on to this letter!

Here is the complete text of the letter with citations and current signers below (updated daily).

Until we can hold Wall Street firms to account, no amount of new green finance commitments can credibly undo the damage that their fossil fuel financing is doing to the climate, to U.S. climate leadership, and to our chances of meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement.