PA IPL Creation Care – Living Actively As Stewards of Creation

Spring has arrived, even if erratically as typical in PA. Across Pennsylvania we have begun distributing trees, removing non-native species, and planting thousands of trees in partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Fund 10 Million Trees project and many local partners.

We are always looking for new volunteers and locations. If you are interested in participating please fill out one of our google forms below. A second distribution will take place in April and we may have more trees in the Fall.  We are especially interested in partners in the Lancaster area. 

Our efforts in North Central PA have not gone unnoticed. Local press is starting to take notice. Take a look at this article involving our Executive Director, David Heayn-Menendez. 

If anyone is in North Central PA, there will be a larger Interfaith Service on Earth Day (April 22nd) and a planting event on Arbor Day (April 30th) in Lewisburg. Sign up here

It is important to reach out to news outlets about the work we do. If anyone is interested in writing for us or contacting local press, email us.

Creation Care is not only a great way to positively affect the environment through increasing biodiversity, carbon capture, and reducing erosion it is also a COVID safe opportunity to reconnect with the natural world and each other. During certain planting events we hope to bring a level of spiritual retreat to our work. If you or your congregation is particularly interested in the spiritual potential of Creation Care please contact us.

Study after study has shown that experiencing and connecting with the natural world and each other has positive physical and mental health effects. When we come together as a community for this important work we benefit while helping others and our environment.
This expansion will also result in greater expenses for PA IPL and any donations to support this important work would be appreciated.