Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

This week marks the end of the period for public comment on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) for the PA Department of Environmental Protection. 

PA IPL members, faith leaders, and advocates of climate justice from across the state have already taken a stance and testified, written in our local papers, and signed petitions. If you would like to speak up for the CO2 Budget Trading Program there is still time. You have until Thursday, January 14th to submit your public comment.  You can find more information about RGGI at this Environmental Defense Fund website post.

You can also sign PennEnvironment’s petition here.

If you are a PA elected official, know someone who is, or you are just motivated to contact one, please consider submitting the RGGI petition for elected officials organized by the Clean Power PA Coalition. This petition needs to be signed TODAY so it can be submitted Thursday, January 14th. Please act now!

If you testified and are willing to share your testimony with our network please email it to us.

You can find the public testimonies from PA IPL’s Executive Director and other advocates of climate justice here.

If you have questions or need help speaking with elected officials please reach out to us ,or PA IPL friend and ally, Joy Bergey.